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Tax Breaks For Firms In Next Budget: Boosting Ireland’s Competitiveness


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The upcoming budget in Ireland is set to include tax breaks for companies, with the goal of enhancing the country’s competitiveness. Enterprise Minister Simon Coveney is determined to present a compelling case for measures that will keep Ireland attractive to businesses.

One potential change being considered is an overhaul of the research and development tax credit system. This is part of a larger strategy that focuses on investment in decarbonisation and digitalisation, as well as the implementation of a new minimum effective tax rate for firms.

Ireland aims to maintain its competitiveness by utilizing transparent tax supports within international agreements, while also exploring the strategic use of tax, investment in land, regional development, and infrastructure. The IDA Ireland, the country’s inward investment agency, plans to aggressively compete for new business.

However, external factors such as the global economic slowdown and the ongoing war in Ukraine have posed challenges for job creation.

Potential Measures

One potential measure being considered in the next budget is the inclusion of tax breaks for firms, aimed at boosting Ireland’s competitiveness, as stated by Enterprise Minister Simon Coveney.

The government is exploring the strategic use of tax incentives to attract and retain businesses in Ireland. These tax breaks could provide financial relief for companies, allowing them to invest more in research and development, infrastructure, and regional development.

By offering competitive tax supports, Ireland aims to maintain its attractiveness as a destination for foreign investment. This measure aligns with the government’s goal of creating a business-friendly environment that encourages economic growth and job creation.

However, it is important to carefully evaluate the potential impact of these tax breaks on government revenue and ensure that they are targeted towards industries and activities that will contribute to long-term sustainable development.

Overhaul of Tax Credit System

An examination of the research and development tax credit system is under consideration for potential revision. This move comes as part of the government’s efforts to boost Ireland’s competitiveness and maintain its appeal to foreign firms.

The current tax credit system is being scrutinized to ensure that it effectively incentivizes research and development activities while also aligning with international standards. The objective is to create a tax framework that encourages innovation, attracts investment, and fosters economic growth.

By overhauling the existing system, Ireland aims to enhance its position as a leading destination for businesses seeking to establish research and development operations. This revision is a proactive step towards addressing any shortcomings and ensuring that the tax credit system remains robust and in line with global best practices, ultimately contributing to Ireland’s long-term economic success.

Strategic Use of Tax

Strategically utilizing tax incentives is being explored as a means to attract investment, foster economic growth, and maintain Ireland’s appeal to foreign businesses.

The government recognizes the importance of maintaining competitiveness and has identified tax as a key tool in achieving this goal. By offering tax breaks to firms, Ireland aims to incentivize investment and encourage businesses to choose Ireland as their base of operations.

These tax incentives can take various forms, such as research and development tax credits or reduced corporate tax rates.

The government is also considering an overhaul of the research and development tax credit system to ensure that it remains effective in supporting innovation and technological advancement.

By strategically using tax incentives, Ireland can strengthen its position as a favorable destination for foreign businesses and drive economic growth in the country.

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