About Us

Big business can be found across all media platforms. At Irish business news, we aim to focus on smaller independent businesses and the news that is important to them. We aim to bring you the best business articles, interviews and advice from people leading business in Ireland. 

What we do:

Irish Business News is dedicated to showcasing upcoming Irish businesses, their challenges and triumphs and how small businesses and SMEs can prosper in Ireland, today.

Our team will bring you the latest business news and advice, from marketing to taxation, worker rights and social media tips. We want to provide our readers with the most up to date and useful information. 

If you would like to showcase your business, tell your story and your position now, get in touch with our team as we would love to hear from you. Perhaps your insights will help a fellow business owner.

Who we are:

As a small team ourselves we understand the struggles that SMEs and small businesses have in Ireland, that is why we provide you with actionable news and insights.

Our small team is composed of journalists, content creators, business professionals and marketing strategists, a combination that allows us to provide you with in-depth, informative articles that you can return to day after day.