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Winthrop Technologies to generate 200 new jobs in Ireland


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Dublin-based engineering company Winthrop Technologies has unveiled plans to create 200 new jobs in Ireland over the next two years. Specializing in delivering data centers across Europe, Winthrop offers comprehensive solutions to its clients.

The decision to expand the workforce comes on the back of the company’s impressive financial performance, with revenues surpassing €1 billion in the latest financial year, which ended in April. In the preceding year, the company achieved a turnover of approximately €685 million.

This expansion follows Winthrop’s recent growth initiatives, including venturing into new markets. The company operates in nine European countries and has recently commenced operations in Belgium. It has identified several projects to be completed in at least two additional markets within the next 12 to 18 months.

In addition to the new roles in Ireland, Winthrop also plans to create 180 positions across Europe to meet the growing demand for its projects in the region.

Currently employing 730 people, the company has seen significant growth in its workforce, with an increase of 130 employees over the past year.

The new positions created by Winthrop will encompass various areas such as engineering, project management, quality surveying, and environmental health and safety (EHS).

Winthrop’s focus on the data center sector began eight years ago, in response to the soaring demand for these facilities from organizations. The company’s remarkable growth is a testament to its strategic decision to concentrate exclusively on the data center industry.

Group Chief Executive Anne Dooley stated, “Today’s announcement reflects the strength of demand from our key technology partners as they continue to successfully roll out their infrastructure investment plans across Europe. Our ongoing exceptional growth is a reflection of the success of the organizational strategy to focus exclusively on the data center sector.”

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