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Tara Mines Temporary Closure: 650 Jobs At Risk


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Tara Mines, the largest zinc mine in Europe located in Navan, Co Meath, is facing a temporary closure due to multiple factors such as falling zinc prices, electricity prices, inflation, and operational issues. As a result, approximately 650 staff members are at risk of being laid off, which is expected to have a significant impact on the workers, the wider community, and the economy.

While trade union Siptu is demanding alternatives to the proposed layoffs, Tara Mines’ chief executive, Gunnar Nystrom, has confirmed unsustainable losses at the site, and the company is actively seeking solutions to extend the life of the mine while maintaining its competitiveness.

The closure of Tara Mines is a serious concern for the Irish economy as it is one of the main employers in the region and contributes significantly to the national GDP. The mining industry in Ireland has a long history, and Tara Mines has been a key player in this sector since its establishment in 1977.

The mine produces lead and zinc concentrates, which are essential raw materials for various industries, including construction, automotive, and electronics. The temporary closure of Tara Mines will not only impact the workers and their families but also have ripple effects on the local businesses and the wider community.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand the reasons for the closure and explore potential alternatives to minimize the adverse effects of this decision.

Reasons for Closure

The decision to temporarily close Tara Mines, one of the largest zinc mines in Europe, was primarily driven by a combination of economic and operational factors. Falling zinc prices, coupled with high electricity costs and inflation, have made it difficult for the mine’s owner, Boliden, to sustain operations.

Moreover, the mine has been grappling with several operational issues, which have made it challenging to maintain efficient production levels. Given the scale of the losses being incurred by Tara Mines, the decision to place the site under care and maintenance until further notice was deemed necessary by the company’s management.

However, this move is likely to have significant implications for the mine’s workforce, the wider community, and the economy as a whole. In light of these developments, there is an urgent need to explore alternative options that will help to mitigate the impact of the mine’s temporary closure and ensure the long-term sustainability of the operation.

Impact on Workers and Community

Approximately 650 staff members are facing the prospect of being laid off due to the suspension of production and exploration at Europe’s largest zinc mine located in Navan, Co Meath. The temporary closure of Tara Mines will have a significant impact on the workers, the wider community, and the economy.

The workers will face financial uncertainty and may struggle to find alternative employment due to the current economic climate. The mine is a major employer in the area, and the closure will have a knock-on effect on local businesses and services that depend on the mine and its employees.

The community will also feel the impact of the temporary closure, as the mine is a significant contributor to the local economy. The closure may lead to a decrease in demand for goods and services, resulting in job losses and reduced economic activity in the area. The loss of income from the mine will also have an impact on local government revenue, which may lead to cuts in public services and infrastructure projects.

The temporary closure of Tara Mines highlights the vulnerability of communities that depend on a single industry or employer, and the need for diversification and investment in alternative industries.

Negotiations and Alternatives

Negotiations between the trade union and mine management are underway to explore alternatives to the proposed suspension of production and exploration at Tara Mines. The aim of these negotiations is to find solutions that will avoid the temporary closure of the mine and prevent the loss of approximately 650 jobs.

Siptu, the trade union representing impacted workers, has demanded that alternatives to proposed layoffs be considered. The union is seeking to maintain the operation of the mine and the employment of its members.

The Minister for Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney, has also been involved in discussions with Tara Mines following the announcement of the temporary closure. The closure will have a significant impact on the workers, the local community, and the economy. Therefore, it is essential to explore all possible alternatives to avoid job losses and maintain the operation of Tara Mines.

The negotiations between Siptu and mine management are a crucial step in finding solutions that will benefit all parties involved.

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