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Lightning Strikes Cause Power Outages Across Ireland


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Lightning strikes during thunderstorms have caused widespread power outages across several Western-seaboard counties in Ireland. Residential and commercial customers have been affected, with power cuts expected to last for several hours or even days in some areas.

The Electric Supply Board (ESB) crews are working to restore power as quickly and safely as possible, while also urging customers to report any outages and stay safe during the severe weather.

The outages have disrupted daily life for many residents and businesses, highlighting the vulnerability of power systems to extreme weather events. Lightning strikes can cause damage to power lines and equipment, leading to prolonged outages and significant economic costs.

As such, it is crucial for power companies to have effective emergency response plans in place to minimize the impacts of such events on customers and the wider community. This article will provide an overview of the affected areas, the ESB’s restoration efforts, and safety precautions and advice for customers during this severe weather event.

Affected Areas and Customers

The power outages caused by lightning strikes during a thunderstorm have impacted customers in Connacht, the Midwest, and the Midlands. Several areas across Ireland have been affected by this issue, such as Salthill, Glenamaddy, and Leenane in Galway, Ennistymon in Clare, Birdhill in Co Tipperary, and Newcastlewest in Co Limerick. The lightning strikes have caused damage to power lines and equipment, leading to power cuts that may last for several hours or even days in some areas.

Both residential and commercial customers have been affected by these power outages. The ESB crews are working to restore power as quickly and safely as possible, providing regular updates on the status of power restoration efforts. Customers are advised to report any power outages to ESB and take precautions such as unplugging appliances during power outages.

The ESB is urging customers to stay safe and to report any downed power lines. The severe weather is expected to continue, and customers are advised to stay informed and prepared.

ESB Restoration Efforts

ESB is actively working to restore electricity to affected areas in Western-seaboard counties of Ireland following disruptions caused by a recent thunderstorm. The company has mobilized its crews to repair the damages caused by lightning strikes on power lines and equipment. The restoration efforts are being carried out as quickly and safely as possible to minimize inconvenience to customers. The company is providing regular updates on the status of power restoration efforts to keep customers informed.

ESB is also taking measures to ensure the safety of its customers during the power restoration process. The company is advising customers to report any downed power lines and to take precautions such as unplugging appliances during power outages.

ESB is committed to restoring power to all affected areas as soon as possible and is working tirelessly to achieve this goal. Customers can be assured that the company is doing everything in its power to minimize the disruption caused by the recent thunderstorm and restore electricity to affected areas.

Safety Precautions and Advice

Customers in affected areas are advised to report any disruptions to their electricity supply and follow recommended safety precautions during the ongoing restoration efforts.

It is important to unplug appliances during power outages to prevent electrical surges when power is restored.

Additionally, customers should not approach or touch downed power lines and should instead report them to ESB immediately.

It is also recommended to have a battery-operated radio or mobile phone charged and ready in case of emergencies.

Furthermore, customers should be aware of the potential dangers associated with portable generators, which should never be connected directly to household wiring or plugged into a wall outlet.

Instead, generators should be connected to appliances using heavy-duty extension cords and placed outdoors in a well-ventilated area away from windows, doors, and vents.

It is also important to ensure that the generator is properly grounded to prevent electrical shock.

By following these safety precautions, customers can help ensure their own safety and aid in the efficient and safe restoration of power by the ESB.

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