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Irish Inflation: Continuous Price Hikes Impact Majority


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Irish inflation has remained stubbornly high, surpassing 6% for the fourth consecutive month in June. This sustained period of inflation follows a trend of elevated prices that has persisted for the past twenty months, with annual inflation consistently exceeding 5.0%.

While there was a slight decrease from 6.6% in May to 6.1% in June, the overall impact on consumers remains significant. Only two divisions, transport and education, experienced price declines compared to the previous year, with education seeing the most substantial fall of 6.3%.

Conversely, housing, water, gas, and electricity costs surged by nearly 16%, driven by factors such as mortgage repayments, rent prices, and energy hikes. Recreational activities during the holiday season also saw a notable price rise of over 10%.

In June alone, consumer prices increased by 0.8%, primarily due to higher costs in the recreation and culture sector, particularly package holidays, which spiked by a staggering 43%.

These continuous price hikes, fueled by the busy summer season and other contributing factors, have a significant impact on the majority of Irish consumers.

Causes and Trends

The rise in Irish inflation can be attributed to continuous price hikes across various sectors, with the majority of divisions experiencing significant increases, including housing, transport, and recreational activities.

Annual inflation has remained over 6% for the fourth consecutive month in June, reaching 6.1%.

Housing, water, gas, and electricity saw a substantial rise of just under 16% annually, driven by increased mortgage repayments, rent prices, and energy hikes.

Transport prices also rose by 2.5% in June, likely influenced by the busy summer season.

Additionally, recreational activities during the holiday season saw a more than 10% price increase, contributing to the overall inflation.

Despite some divisions, such as education, experiencing price declines, the majority of items have been impacted by continuous price hikes, leading to the current inflationary trend in Ireland.

Price Changes by Division

Transport and education were the only divisions that experienced price declines in June 2022. Education saw the most substantial fall in price, dropping by 6.3% annually, while transport prices rose by 2.5% in the same period.

Conversely, the housing, water, gas, and electricity division rose by just under 16% annually, driven by increases in mortgage repayments, rent prices, and energy hikes.

Furnishings and household equipment declined by 0.7% in prices, and miscellaneous goods and services fell by 0.4%.

Meanwhile, recreational activities during the holiday season saw a more than 10% price rise, with package holidays experiencing a significant 43% increase.

These price changes reflect the current inflationary pressures facing the Irish economy, despite continued increases in consumer items. The busy summer season also contributed to the rise in transport prices.

Monthly Price Changes

Recreation and culture sector experienced a significant increase in prices in June, with package holidays seeing a 43% rise, contributing to the overall monthly price increase. The sector recorded a 3.9% increase in prices, driven by the surge in recreation and culture expenses.

This upward trend reflects the busy summer season, as people engage in recreational activities and seek entertainment options. The substantial price hike in package holidays is particularly noteworthy, as it indicates a strong demand for vacation packages.

This rise in prices within the recreation and culture sector adds to the ongoing inflationary pressures faced by Irish consumers. Despite the overall monthly price increase of 0.8%, other divisions such as transport and education experienced price declines.

However, it is evident that the recreation and culture sector played a significant role in driving the inflationary trend in June.

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