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Euronext Dublin Proposes Revival Plan for IPOs


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Have you ever wondered how Euronext Dublin’s proposed plan could potentially reshape the landscape of IPOs in Ireland?

The intricate details of this revitalization strategy have sparked intrigue among market analysts and industry insiders.

But what exactly does this plan entail, and how might it impact the future of the Irish Stock Exchange?

The answers to these questions lie in the innovative measures put forth by Euronext Dublin and the potential implications for both investors and founders.

Stay tuned to uncover the key elements of this proposal and the critical role it could play in reinvigorating the IPO market in Ireland.

Key Components of Euronext Dublin’s Proposal

In crafting Euronext Dublin’s proposal, we’ve outlined essential components aimed at revitalizing the Irish Stock Exchange and bolstering the IPO market. Our plan includes the establishment of a cornerstone fund to provide initial support for companies looking to go public.

Additionally, we propose tax incentives for investors to encourage participation in IPOs, along with breaks for founders to incentivize new listings. These components are designed to address the challenges faced by Irish companies in accessing public markets and to make the equity market more commercially attractive.

Urgency for IPO Market Revival

To address the pressing need for revitalizing the IPO market, urgent steps must be taken to ensure the sustainability and growth of the Irish Stock Exchange. The lack of flotations in recent years and the exits of major companies like CRH and Flutter Entertainment highlight the critical need for immediate action.

With only two IPOs in 2021 and a 30% drop in the average daily value of shares traded on Euronext Dublin in February, the urgency to revive the IPO market is evident. Detailed proposals, including a cornerstone fund, tax incentives, and support for founders, are essential for attracting new listings and boosting market confidence.

Time is of the essence to secure the future viability of the Irish equity market.

Challenges Faced by Irish Stock Exchange

Facing significant market challenges, the Irish Stock Exchange must strategize to overcome obstacles and ensure long-term sustainability. Recent exits of major companies like CRH and Flutter Entertainment have impacted market performance, while global economic uncertainty led to a 16% decline in global IPO numbers.

With only two IPOs in Dublin in 2021, market volatility and economic conditions continue to affect the IPO landscape. To maintain the Irish Stock Exchange’s viability as a funding source, action is imperative. Market participants need to enhance the commercial attractiveness of the equity market, address existential questions raised by reports, and implement strategies to boost confidence and attract new listings.

These efforts are crucial to navigate the current challenges and build a resilient stock market ecosystem.

Importance of Irish Stock Market

Navigating significant market challenges, the Irish Stock Exchange plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and supporting local enterprises through its contributions to the Irish economy.

Companies listed on Euronext Dublin have been instrumental in bolstering the economy, with a notable €12.4 billion contribution in 2022. The employment of around 47,000 individuals and the generation of €6.7 billion in wages by Dublin-listed companies further underline the importance of the Irish stock market.

Additionally, these companies indirectly support an additional 40,000 jobs, emphasizing the widespread impact of the stock market on the local economy. As a vital funding source for Irish businesses, the stock market’s significance in fostering economic development and sustaining local enterprises can’t be overstated.


As we navigate the intricate landscape of revitalizing the Irish Stock Exchange, Euronext Dublin’s proposal stands as a beacon of hope. With innovative strategies and a sense of urgency, we aim to breathe new life into the IPO market.

The challenges are daunting, but our determination is unwavering. The future of the Irish equity market hinges on our collective efforts to support local companies in their journey towards going public.

Let’s forge ahead together towards a brighter tomorrow.

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