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Phone Call Usage Plummets, Mobile Data Surges


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The recent seismic shift in telecommunications patterns, with a sharp decline in traditional phone call usage juxtaposed against a soaring demand for mobile data, unveils intriguing insights into evolving consumer habits.

This notable divergence in communication preferences prompts a deeper exploration into the underlying factors steering this transformation.

As mobile technology continues to redefine connectivity norms, the implications of this trend on societal interactions, business dynamics, and technological advancements remain profound and warrant closer examination.

Decline in Phone Call Usage

The significant decrease in phone call usage, evident by a 30% decline in time spent on calls within the Irish telecoms market during the final quarter of the previous year, highlights a notable shift in communication preferences among consumers.

This decline is further emphasized by the 7.8% decrease in total voice-traffic minutes compared to the previous quarter.

Mobile phone calls continue to dominate, representing 89% of total traffic, with landline calls making up the remainder.

Additionally, the average mobile voice subscriber used 132 minutes monthly, marking a 5% annual decrease.

This shift away from traditional phone calls towards alternative forms of communication signifies a changing landscape in how individuals choose to interact and exchange information.

Surging Mobile Data Consumption

Surging Mobile Data Consumption reflects a marked shift towards data-driven communication preferences in the evolving landscape of the Irish telecoms market. The increase in mobile data usage to 13.9GB per subscriber signifies a growing reliance on data services for communication needs. This surge, nearly 4% higher than the previous period, underlines the trend towards data-heavy applications and services.

As mobile subscriptions continue to rise, with 5G subscriptions increasing significantly, the demand for data is expected to further escalate. Factors such as streaming services, social media, and remote work contribute to this heightened data consumption pattern. The telecom industry is adapting to meet these changing preferences, emphasizing the importance of robust data infrastructure and services to cater to the evolving needs of consumers.

Growth of Mobile Subscriptions

Experiencing a steady uptrend, the mobile subscriptions in the Irish telecoms market have shown consistent growth in recent quarters. Total mobile subscriptions have risen to 9.7 million, with contract deals representing three-quarters of the total.

The number of 5G subscribers has increased to 1.5 million, marking a significant 53% growth since the fourth quarter of 2022. Moreover, the average mobile subscriber in Ireland sent 31 texts per month and used 132 minutes of voice calls monthly.

This growth in mobile subscriptions reflects the evolving preferences of consumers towards mobile communication services and the increasing reliance on mobile devices for various daily activities. The surge in mobile subscriptions is indicative of the strong demand for mobile connectivity and services in the Irish market.

Expansion of FTTP Technology

Reflecting the evolving technological landscape in the Irish telecoms market, the expansion of FTTP technology has emerged as a pivotal development driving connectivity advancements.

FTTP, or Fiber-to-the-Premises, is the most commonly chosen broadband technology, available at 62% of all premises in Ireland. The number of customers with FTTP connections has significantly increased, from 180,000 four years ago to a much higher figure today.

Four years prior, FTTP connections represented 12% of total fixed broadband subscriptions, showcasing the rapid adoption and deployment of this technology.

With FTTP or cable broadband now accessible at three-quarters of all premises, this expansion signifies a critical step towards enhancing high-speed internet access and improving overall connectivity in the Irish telecoms landscape.


In conclusion, the telecommunications landscape is witnessing a notable shift in consumer behavior, with a significant decline in phone call usage and a surge in mobile data consumption.

The data from the Irish telecoms market highlights the dominance of mobile phone calls and the increasing appetite for data among mobile subscribers. This trend underscores the evolving communication preferences and the central role of mobile technology in shaping contemporary connectivity patterns.

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