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Dublin Businesses Demand Action Against Rising Anti-Social Behavior


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Dublin businesses are currently experiencing a surge in anti-social behavior, leading to a demand for immediate action.

Richard Guiney, CEO of Dublin Town, is advocating for the revival of successful initiatives that have previously proven effective in deterring such behavior. The discontinuation of these measures has caused disappointment among stakeholders.

Contributing factors to the rise in anti-social behavior include the ongoing pandemic, which has led to increased aggression among adolescents seeking attention and lacking appropriate behavior. Additionally, there has been a shift in drug preference from heroin to crack cocaine, resulting in heightened tension and increased aggression.

However, there have been successful initiatives, such as the Small Areas Policing initiative, which have effectively addressed issues in specific parts of the city and improved the perception of safety. The concentration of social services in certain areas has facilitated drug dealing, exacerbating the overall problem.

Furthermore, there is a global deterioration in safety and perceptions of safety, particularly among young people. The limited consequences for anti-social behavior and the lack of garda presence have allowed young offenders to take advantage of their age.

To address these concerns, there is a need for greater garda presence and stricter repercussions to deter such actions.

Measures to Deter Behavior

One of the main concerns raised by Dublin businesses is the need for measures to deter anti-social behavior in the city center, particularly in light of the recent increase in aggressive behavior among adolescents and the shift in drug preference to crack cocaine.

The CEO of Dublin Town, Richard Guiney, advocates for the return of successful initiatives that have previously tackled such issues effectively. There is disappointment over the discontinuation of these measures, as they have shown positive results in improving the overall safety and perception of safety in specific parts of the city through the Small Areas Policing initiative.

The concentration of social services in certain areas is also seen as facilitating drug dealing, which further contributes to anti-social behavior.

The lack of Garda presence during the recent assault incident highlights the need for greater law enforcement and consequences for such actions, particularly for young offenders who may take advantage of their age and limited repercussions.

Irish Olympian Jack Wooley has also called for a greater Garda presence to deter anti-social behavior.

Increase in Adolescent Aggression

The post-pandemic period has seen a noticeable increase in aggressive behavior among adolescents. This rise in aggression can be attributed to several factors.

Firstly, a lack of appropriate behavior and attention-seeking actions by young individuals who have been impacted by the pandemic. The disruption to daily routines, social isolation, and uncertainty about the future have contributed to heightened tension and frustration among adolescents.

Secondly, there has been a shift in drug preference from heroin to crack cocaine, which has further fueled increased aggression. The use of crack cocaine has been associated with impulsive and aggressive behavior.

It is essential to address these underlying issues and provide support and intervention programs for adolescents to prevent further escalation of aggression and promote positive behavior.

Impact of Drug Preference

The shift in drug preference from heroin to crack cocaine has had significant implications on the level of aggression observed among young individuals. The change in drug choice has contributed to an increase in aggressive behavior among this population.

Crack cocaine is known for its stimulant properties, leading to heightened tension and aggression in users. This shift in drug preference has created a more hostile environment, as individuals under the influence of crack cocaine may engage in violent and unpredictable behaviors.

The increased availability and use of crack cocaine have further exacerbated the issue, as it has become more accessible to young people. The rise in aggression among adolescents post-pandemic, combined with the shift in drug preference, poses significant challenges for addressing and deterring anti-social behavior in Dublin city center.

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