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X’s Bold Move: Subscription Model to Battle Bots


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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, X has taken a decisive step towards combating the persistent issue of bots and spammers.

Introducing their innovative subscription model, Not A Bot, X aims to restore authenticity and reliability to user interactions.

By implementing a nominal annual fee, X seeks to deter exploitation of the platform while creating a safer online environment.

This article delves into the benefits, implications, and potential criticisms of X’s bold move, shedding light on its potential to revolutionize social media.

Not A Bot: X’s New Subscription Model

Not A Bot, X’s new subscription model, is a strategically implemented measure aimed at combating bots and spammers on the platform.

By introducing a $1 annual fee for basic features such as likes, reposts, quoting other accounts’ posts, and bookmarking posts on the web version of X, the company aims to discourage the presence of automated accounts and malicious users.

The subscription fee will vary based on the exchange rate in each country and will be initially available for users in New Zealand and the Philippines.

Existing users will not be affected by this test, while new users who choose not to subscribe will have limited access to the platform.

This subscription model aligns with X’s ongoing efforts to create a safer and more reliable social media environment.

Pricing and Availability Details

The pricing and availability details of X’s new subscription model for combating bots and spammers will be determined based on the exchange rate in each country. This means that the subscription fee will vary from country to country, ensuring fairness and affordability for users around the world.

The new subscription model will first be available for users in New Zealand and the Philippines, allowing X to gather valuable feedback and make necessary adjustments before expanding to other regions. Existing users will not be affected by the test, while new users who choose not to subscribe will have limited access to the platform.

Background on Bots and Spammers

Bots and spammers have long been a concern within the realm of social media platforms, prompting X’s proactive approach to address the issue. Elon Musk, who acquired X last year, has been particularly vocal about the problem.

In July, X introduced a limit on viewing tweets to ensure the authenticity of its user base. To further combat fake accounts, Musk recently suggested charging all users a nominal fee. X CEO Linda Yaccarino discussed the subscription service with X’s lenders, planning three tiers based on the number of ads shown to the user.

Benefits and Goals of the Subscription Model

X’s subscription model aims to enhance platform authenticity and discourage spam and fake accounts. By charging users a fee for basic features, X can create a barrier that deters bots and spammers from accessing the platform. This fee helps ensure the authenticity of user interactions and reduces the presence of fake accounts.

Additionally, the revenue generated from the subscription model can be invested in better security measures, further enhancing the platform’s ability to combat malicious activity. The introduction of this subscription model aligns with X’s ongoing efforts to create a safer and more reliable environment for its users.

Future Implications and Criticism

The introduction of the subscription model may have significant implications and attract criticism from various stakeholders in the social media industry.

While this bold move by X aims to combat bots and spammers, there are concerns about the potential limitations it may impose on platform accessibility. Critics argue that charging for basic features could exclude users with low incomes, further widening the digital divide.

Additionally, X will need to address concerns about privacy and data security to gain the trust of its users.

The success of the subscription model will ultimately depend on user adoption and satisfaction. If successful, this move may set a precedent for other social media platforms to follow suit, potentially leading to a more sustainable and secure social media environment.


In conclusion, X’s new subscription model, Not A Bot, presents a promising solution to combat the issue of bots and spammers on social media platforms. By charging a nominal fee for basic features, X aims to create a safer and more authentic environment for users.

While there may be potential criticisms and future implications to consider, this bold move demonstrates X’s commitment to addressing authenticity concerns and fostering a reliable online community.

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