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Vinci’s Bold Vision: Belfast International Soars


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In a groundbreaking move that promises to revolutionize the aviation landscape, Vinci Concessions has announced a staggering £100 million investment plan for Belfast International Airport.

Led by visionary CEO Nicolas Notebaert, this bold vision aims to propel the airport to new heights, enhancing infrastructure, passenger experience, and economic growth.

With upgrades to the departure area, state-of-the-art security measures, and a commitment to sustainability, Vinci’s unwavering dedication to Belfast International’s success is set to soar.

Vinci Concessions’ £100 Million Investment Plan

Vinci Concessions’ £100 million investment plan for Belfast International Airport includes a substantial upgrade to the departure area and the development of a solar farm to reduce emissions.

The investment plan aims to enhance the overall passenger experience and promote sustainability. As part of the upgrade, the departure area will undergo significant improvements, including the addition of extra seating, departure gates, and new catering and retail outlets.

Furthermore, Vinci Concessions plans to extend the immigration area over the next five years.

In line with their commitment to environmental responsibility, Vinci Concessions will develop a solar farm at the airport site. This solar farm is expected to generate 22.4 GWh of electricity and contribute to the airport’s goal of reducing emissions by 50% by 2030.

The investment plan demonstrates Vinci Concessions’ dedication to improving Belfast International Airport and aligning with sustainable practices.

Upgrades to Belfast International’s Departure Area

The departure area of Belfast International Airport is set to undergo significant upgrades, including the addition of extra seating, departure gates, and new catering and retail outlets. Vinci Concessions, the company responsible for the airport’s development, plans to enhance the passenger experience by expanding the terminal’s facilities.

The upgrades aim to accommodate the growing number of passengers and improve overall comfort and convenience. In addition to the extra seating and departure gates, new catering and retail outlets will be introduced, offering a wider range of options for travelers. These improvements will not only enhance the airport’s functionality but also contribute to the local economy by creating around 400 construction roles.

Vinci Concessions’ investment in the upgrades demonstrates their commitment to the long-term strategic development of Belfast International Airport.

Financial Performance and Growth

Belfast International Airport’s financial performance has seen significant growth and success in recent years. In 2022, the airport returned to profit, with passenger numbers doubling to reach 4.5 million in the first nine months of 2023.

This growth was reflected in the total turnover, which almost doubled from £21.6 million to £40.7 million. The airport generated a profit of £4.5 million during this period.

The positive financial performance is a testament to the airport’s pivotal role in aviation, tourism, and the local economy. It also demonstrates Vinci Airports’ unwavering commitment to Northern Ireland and their belief in the airport’s team and potential for future growth.

With clear vision and strategic development plans, Belfast International Airport is on a trajectory of success.

Sustainability Initiatives for a Greener Future

Continuing its commitment to environmental sustainability, Belfast International Airport is implementing a range of initiatives for a greener future.

As part of its plan to cut emissions by 50% by 2030, Vinci Concessions, the airport’s operator, will develop a solar farm at the airport site. This solar farm is expected to generate 22.4 GWh of electricity and will be developed, financed, built, and operated by Vinci Concessions’ subsidiary, SunMind.

The introduction of the solar farm is a significant step towards reducing the airport’s carbon footprint and increasing its environmental performance. By investing in renewable energy sources, Belfast International Airport is taking proactive measures to contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly aviation industry.

These initiatives align with Vinci Concessions’ vision for a greener future and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Positive Impact on Aviation, Tourism, and Economy

With its bold vision and substantial investment plan, Vinci Concessions is poised to make a positive impact on the aviation, tourism, and economy of Belfast International Airport.

The £100 million investment plan includes the development of a new build security hall and the introduction of 3D scanners, which will eliminate the 100ml liquid rule and speed up queues at airport security. Vinci also plans to upgrade the departure area by adding additional gates, seating, catering, and retail outlets. This investment is expected to create around 400 construction roles and improve the passenger experience.

In addition, Belfast International Airport’s financial performance has seen significant growth, with passenger numbers doubling and a return to profitability. Vinci’s commitment to sustainability, including the development of a solar farm, further demonstrates their belief in the airport’s potential for future growth.


In conclusion, Vinci Concessions’ ambitious investment plan for Belfast International Airport marks a significant milestone in the region’s aviation sector.

Through infrastructure enhancements, improved passenger experience, and sustainable initiatives, Vinci demonstrates its belief in the airport’s potential for growth and its commitment to Northern Ireland’s economic development.

The expansion is expected to create job opportunities and contribute to the local economy, while also positioning Belfast International Airport as a key player in the aviation and tourism industry.

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