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Turkey and Ham Prices Set to Plummet


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As the festive season approaches, consumers eagerly look forward to the annual Christmas feast. This year brings good news for those planning to serve turkey as the main dish of their dinner. Turkey prices are expected to decrease slightly compared to last year, providing relief to budget-conscious shoppers. The market is seeing an increase in turkey supplies during the peak buying season, contributing to this price drop.

On the other hand, the cost of ham is expected to remain relatively stable. Alongside these price dynamics, changing consumer attitudes are influencing choices for the festive meal. Smaller families are aiming to reduce food waste, leading to the growing popularity of alternative meat options such as pork, duck, and chicken.

Furthermore, the increasing multiculturalism of communities has sparked interest in exploring non-traditional alternatives to the traditional turkey and ham dishes. In this article, we will explore the details of these price fluctuations, consumer preferences, and the impact of multiculturalism on the holiday dinner table.

Turkey Prices Expected to Drop

The article highlights that the prices of turkey are expected to decrease, presenting a positive outlook for consumers. This Christmas, turkey prices are expected to drop slightly compared to last year. The reason behind this decrease is the high supply of turkey heading into the peak buying season. Last year, turkey prices faced unusual price pressures due to challenges faced by farmers. However, this year, consumers can expect some relief in their pockets while enjoying their festive meals.

On the other hand, ham prices are expected to remain largely unchanged. This decrease in turkey prices aligns with the changing consumer sentiment, where smaller families may opt for different types of meat to reduce food waste. As communities grow and become more diverse, there is also an increasing interest in alternatives to traditional turkey and ham.

High Turkey Supplies This Christmas

High supplies of turkey are anticipated this Christmas, presenting an opportunity for consumers to enjoy a plentiful selection for their festive meals. As the peak buying season approaches, turkey prices are expected to drop slightly compared to last year. The challenges faced by farmers last year led to unusually high price pressures for turkey, but this year, the market is experiencing an abundance of supply.

According to data from research group Kantar, turkey sales have already seen a 1.8% increase in the 12 weeks leading up to 29th October. However, changing consumer sentiment and the rise in alternative meat options, such as pork, duck, and chicken, may also play a role in the purchasing decisions for Christmas dinners.

It remains to be seen how the high turkey supplies and changing preferences will impact consumer choices this festive season.

Unaltered Ham Prices Forecast

Ham prices are expected to remain steady during the upcoming festive season. This is good news for consumers who prefer ham as the centrepiece of their Christmas dinner. According to data from research group Kantar, turkey sales have increased by 1.8% in the 12 weeks leading up to 29th October. However, it appears that ham prices will not be influenced by this trend. As communities grow and become more diverse, there is a growing interest in alternatives to traditional holiday meats like turkey and ham. Nonetheless, ham continues to be a popular choice for many households, and its stable prices are likely to make it an appealing option for those planning their Christmas meals.

Changing Consumer Preferences for Meat

With shifting consumer preferences, the demand for alternative meat options during the festive season is on the rise. As communities grow and become more diverse, there is an increasing interest in exploring alternatives to traditional turkey and ham.

Data from research group Kantar has shown a rise in the amount of pork purchases, as well as duck and chicken. Smaller families are also opting for different types of meat to reduce food waste. Although the oven is still needed to cook the turkey properly, the number of households investing in air fryers has increased.

Despite these changing preferences, traditional favourites like seasonal biscuits and yule logs remain popular. The impact of multiculturalism is evident, as the charcuterie board, a pandemic favourite, has continued to be in high demand.

Grocery Price Inflation Decelerates

The deceleration of grocery price inflation is evident. According to research group Kantar, grocery price inflation has begun to slow down, reaching its lowest level since September 2022. In the 12 weeks leading up to 29th October, grocery price inflation stood at 9.8%.

This slowdown in inflation can be attributed to consumers seeking better-value own-brand options for their Christmas shopping. For example, SuperValu’s own-brand cranberry sauce sold twice the volume of any branded variety. Additionally, Musgrave Group reported a 25% increase in sales of yule logs.

As consumers plan ahead for their Christmas dinner, they can avoid surprise price hikes this year, as the price of fuel and electricity has normalised, resulting in a more stable market. Moreover, the decline in the value of fresh bacon joint sales, as indicated by Kantar’s data, further supports the notion of a slowdown in grocery price inflation.


In conclusion, the festive season brings good news for shoppers on a budget as turkey prices are expected to decrease compared to last year. The abundance of turkey supplies entering the market has contributed to this drop in price, providing relief to consumers.

Meanwhile, ham prices are predicted to stay steady. Changing consumer preferences for meat, influenced by smaller families aiming to minimize food waste and the impact of multiculturalism, are also influencing the choices made for celebratory meals.

Overall, these changes in price and evolving preferences bring variety and anticipation to the holiday dining table.

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