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Tesco Ireland Expands Seafood Range in Partnership


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The recent collaboration between Tesco Ireland and Keohane Seafoods marks a significant step towards enhancing the seafood offerings available to consumers. With an expansion of over 50 products across 170 stores, this partnership not only highlights Tesco’s dedication to supporting local producers but also signals a shift towards meeting the changing preferences of Irish shoppers.

By doubling their spending with Keohane Seafoods, Tesco is not just broadening its product range but also setting a precedent for sustainable business practices in the seafood industry. The impact of this strategic alliance extends beyond the shelves, hinting at a promising future for both companies and the local economy.

Deal Overview

In a significant partnership, Keohane Seafoods has joined forces with Tesco Ireland in a €21 million deal aimed at expanding Tesco’s seafood range. This collaboration will see Tesco introducing 20 new branded product lines, increasing the range to over 50 seafood products available in 170 stores.

Currently, Tesco Ireland already invests €14 million annually with Keohane Seafoods, and this new agreement is set to double that spending over the next two years. The partnership underscores Tesco’s commitment to offering a diverse and high-quality selection of fish products to its customers. By expanding their seafood range, Tesco aims to meet consumer demands for fresh and sustainable seafood options while supporting local Irish producers like Keohane Seafoods.

Impact on Economy

The partnership between Keohane Seafoods and Tesco Ireland is poised to significantly boost the local economy through substantial investments in the Irish seafood industry. This collaboration signifies a noteworthy commitment to supporting local producers and fostering job creation, particularly in rural and coastal regions. Minister Simon Coveney has lauded the partnership for its potential economic impact and contribution to the growth and sustainability of Irish seafood producers.

Company Statements

The viewpoints expressed by key figures from Keohane Seafoods and Tesco Ireland underscore their dedication to providing innovative seafood options while ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

Colman Keohane, Managing Director of Keohane Seafoods, expressed delight over the partnership extension and highlighted their investment in a new state-of-the-art factory.

Joe Manning, Commercial Director of Tesco Ireland, promised an expanded range of affordable, high-quality seafood products.

Both companies are excited to bring innovative seafood products to Irish consumers and aim to offer a variety of Ready to Eat seafood products.

This partnership reflects a commitment to delivering diverse seafood options that meet the evolving demands of Irish consumers while maintaining a focus on quality and customer experience.

Future Prospects

With an emphasis on enhancing the availability of high-quality seafood products, Tesco Ireland’s partnership with Keohane Seafoods opens new avenues for customers to enjoy award-winning Irish seafood offerings.

Future prospects for this collaboration include Tesco Ireland’s plans to expand the range of high-quality seafood products, catering to the evolving demands of Irish consumers. Keohane Seafoods is looking forward to providing a diverse and quality range of seafood products to meet the growing needs of Irish customers.

Together, both companies aim to deliver innovative and diverse seafood options, reflecting their shared commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This partnership not only benefits consumers but also contributes to the growth and sustainability of Irish seafood producers, highlighting the importance of supporting local businesses in the community.


In conclusion, the strategic partnership between Tesco Ireland and Keohane Seafoods, involving a €21m deal to expand the seafood range in 170 stores, is a significant development for the Irish seafood industry.

This collaboration not only enhances Tesco’s product offerings but also supports local producers and contributes to job creation in rural and coastal areas.

The future prospects of this partnership look promising in delivering innovative and diverse seafood options to meet the evolving demands of Irish consumers.

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