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Mcevaddy Brothers Unveil Ambitious Dublin Airport Expansion Plan


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The proposal set forth by the McEvaddy brothers to expand Dublin Airport with the construction of a third terminal has sparked considerable interest within the aviation industry. The strategic placement of this new complex, along with the comprehensive facilities it aims to incorporate, suggests a significant shift in the airport’s operational capacity.

As discussions unfold regarding the potential economic impact and logistical feasibility of this venture, stakeholders are left pondering the implications of such a substantial investment in Dublin’s air transport infrastructure.

Proposal Details

The proposal for the third terminal at Dublin Airport, put forth by the McEvaddy brothers, encompasses a comprehensive plan for a new terminal building, cargo terminal, hotel, car parking, and office space on a strategically located 261-acre site west of the existing airport.

The ambitious project aims to enhance the airport’s infrastructure and services, catering to the growing demands of passengers and freight. By incorporating a mix of essential facilities and services, the McEvaddy brothers’ vision seeks to create a modern and efficient aviation hub.

The proposed development not only focuses on expanding capacity but also on improving overall traveler experience and operational efficiency. This strategic initiative aligns with the long-term goals of Dublin Airport to remain a competitive and prominent player in the aviation industry.

Cost and Capacity

With an estimated project cost of €2.2 billion, the Dublin Airport expansion plan aims to double both passenger and freight capacity. The significant investment is crucial to meet the growing demands on the airport’s services.

By expanding the capacity, Dublin Airport can better accommodate the increasing number of passengers and cargo traffic, ensuring smoother operations and enhancing its competitiveness as a major transportation hub.

The expansion plan is not only about meeting current needs but also about future-proofing the airport to cater to anticipated growth in the aviation sector. The substantial financial commitment underscores the importance of this project in positioning Dublin Airport as a key player in the global aviation network.

Location and Zoning

Situated strategically between existing runways, the proposed terminal site at Dublin Airport offers optimal positioning for future development within the designated airport zone. This location provides easy access to the airport, making it convenient for passengers, cargo, and airport operations. Being within the designated airport zone ensures that the development aligns with airport regulations and infrastructure requirements.

The proximity to existing runways also facilitates efficient connectivity for flights and airport services. Additionally, the proposed terminal’s location has the potential to become an economic hub for Fingal and Dublin, further emphasizing its strategic importance within the region. The chosen site not only supports the expansion plans but also contributes to the overall sustainability and growth of Dublin Airport.

Planning and Consultation

How are the consultant team and pre-planning stages contributing to the progress of the Dublin Airport expansion project?

The consultant team, comprising CWPA and Waterman Moylan, plays a pivotal role in providing essential expertise and guidance throughout the planning process. Their input ensures that the project aligns with regulatory requirements, environmental considerations, and industry standards.

The Concept Plan submitted serves as valuable pre-application consultant information, laying the foundation for subsequent stages. Following the initial consultation, the project moves towards a pre-planning presentation and ultimately a formal planning application.

This thorough planning approach ensures that all aspects of the expansion are meticulously considered, setting the stage for a successful and well-executed development of Dublin Airport’s infrastructure.


In conclusion, the proposed expansion of Dublin Airport by the McEvaddy brothers represents a significant investment in infrastructure to address the growing demands of air travel.

The planned third terminal, cargo facilities, and associated amenities aim to enhance capacity and efficiency while fostering sustainable growth in the region.

Through careful planning and collaboration with industry experts, this ambitious project has the potential to benefit both travelers and local communities in the long term.

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