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Ireland’s Tara Mine Temporarily Shuts, Leaving 650 Employees Laid Off


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The closure of Tara Mine, the largest zinc mine in Europe located in Ireland, has sent shockwaves through the mining industry. The mine’s temporary shutdown is due to a combination of operational challenges, declining zinc prices, high energy prices, and general cost inflation.

This decision has resulted in the temporary layoff of as many as 650 employees, leaving families and communities worried about their future. Tara Mine has been a significant contributor to Ireland’s economy, and its closure will have a profound impact on the country’s mining industry and the local community.

The mine’s closure highlights the challenges facing the mining industry, as it struggles to balance profitability with operational costs and sustainability. This article will examine the reasons for the shutdown, its impact on employees, production and exploration details, efforts to extend the mine’s life, and the measures taken by the Irish government to support the affected workers.

Reasons for Shutdown

Tara Mine’s temporary suspension of operations, which has resulted in the layoff of 650 employees, was due to a combination of operational challenges, declining zinc prices, high energy costs, and general inflationary pressures. Boliden, the company operating Tara Mine, cited these factors as the main reasons for the shutdown.

The decline in zinc prices has been a significant concern for the company, as zinc is a crucial raw material used in the production of galvanised iron and steel. Additionally, the high energy costs have also contributed to the decision to temporarily halt production.

It is worth noting that the closure of Tara Mine has implications not only for the employees but also for the wider economy, as the mine is the largest zinc mine in Europe. The move will have a significant impact on the Navan area, where the mine is located, and the local community will be affected by the loss of jobs and economic activity.

Impact on Employees

The abrupt halt in production at Europe’s largest zinc mine has sent shockwaves through the local workforce, with hundreds of workers temporarily displaced due to operational and financial challenges. The announcement has left 650 employees of Tara Mine in limbo, unsure of when they will be able to return to work.

Trade union Siptu has expressed deep disappointment at the decision and called for immediate government intervention to support affected workers.

The temporary layoff of workers at Tara Mine highlights the fragility of employment in the mining industry, which is heavily dependent on commodity prices and operational costs. The suspension of production has come at a time when the zinc market has been struggling due to global economic uncertainty and weak demand from China.

While the company has assured workers that it is working to extend the life of the mine, the immediate impact on the local community cannot be underestimated. The government’s support measures will be crucial in mitigating the impact of the shutdown on affected workers and their families.

Production and Exploration Details

Boliden, the company operating Tara Mine, has made the decision to temporarily stop production and exploration at the largest zinc mine in Europe. This move is due to a variety of factors, including operational challenges, a decline in zinc prices, high energy costs, and general cost inflation. The mine will be placed under care and maintenance until conditions of the operation improve. This means that as many as 650 employees will be temporarily laid off.

The table below highlights the main reasons for the temporary shutdown of Tara Mine:

Reasons for Shutdown
Operational challenges
Decline in zinc prices
High energy prices
General cost inflation

Boliden is actively working to extend the life of the mine while maintaining its competitiveness. The company is aware of the impact this move will have on employees in the Navan area, and trade union Siptu has expressed disappointment with the decision. However, the company has had to take this action in order to address the challenges it is facing and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the mine.

Efforts to Extend Mine Life

Efforts to increase the longevity and competitiveness of the European zinc mining industry have been prioritized by Boliden. The company is working to extend the life of Tara Mine while also ensuring its competitiveness. Achieving this goal requires addressing several challenges, including operational difficulties, high energy prices, and cost inflation.

Boliden is committed to finding ways to overcome these challenges and ensure the sustainability of Tara Mine. The company is exploring new technologies and methods for mining, as well as implementing cost-saving measures and seeking out innovative solutions.

By taking these steps, Boliden hopes to maintain its position as a leading player in the European zinc mining industry and continue to provide employment opportunities for the workers in the Navan area.

Government Support for Workers

Government support measures are being put in place to assist the affected workers of Tara Mine. Minister for Enterprise Simon Coveney has assured the workers that supports will be provided immediately to help them during this difficult time. Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys has also pledged to do everything within her department’s power to provide assistance and support to the workers.

To ensure that the affected workers receive the necessary support, the government has put in place a range of measures. These include:

  • Providing financial assistance to the affected workers to help them meet their immediate needs;
  • Offering retraining and upskilling opportunities to workers who may need to transition to new careers;
  • Working with local employers to identify job opportunities for affected workers;
  • Providing counselling and mental health support to workers who may be struggling with the emotional impact of the layoffs.

The government is committed to ensuring that the workers affected by the temporary shutdown of Tara Mine receive the support they need to get back on their feet. By providing financial assistance, retraining opportunities, and other support services, the government is working to help the workers transition to new careers and find new employment opportunities.

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