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CC’s Branded Drinks Business Sees Sales Surge


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CC, the drinks group, has reported a significant surge in sales for its branded drinks business. Despite facing challenges earlier in the year, including a profit warning and implementation issues in its British distribution business, CC’s core brands Tennents and Bulmers experienced a notable increase in sales.

The company’s operating profit also rose substantially, reaching €84.1m, a 75.6% increase compared to the previous year. This positive performance can be attributed to higher volumes and price increases, resulting in an 18.4% growth in net revenue.

CC’s strong balance sheet has allowed the company to propose a dividend of 3.79 cents for the previous financial year. The success of CC’s brands indicates a promising outlook for the company, although CEO Patrick McMahon acknowledges that further work is required to fully resolve the challenges faced.

Sales Increase

The sales increase in CC’s branded drinks business, particularly in its core brands Tennents and Bulmers, demonstrates positive growth and suggests a successful performance in the market.

According to CC’s recent financial report, sales in the branded drinks business saw a notable 10% increase. Specifically, core brands Tennents and Bulmers experienced a 9% rise in sales. This growth can be attributed to various factors, including a boost in volumes and price hikes, which resulted in an 18.4% increase in net revenue.

Additionally, operating profit for the year rose by an impressive 75.6% compared to the previous year, reaching €84.1m. These figures indicate that CC’s branded drinks business is thriving, and the company’s strong balance sheet allows it to recommend a dividend to shareholders.

Core Brands Performance

Sales of the core brands of Tennents and Bulmers experienced a significant increase, contributing to the overall growth in CC’s branded drinks division. The sales of these core brands rose by 9%, reflecting a strong performance in the market. This growth can be attributed to a combination of factors including increased volumes and price hikes.

The company’s focus on promoting and enhancing these core brands has paid off, resulting in a boost in net revenue by 18.4%. This increase in sales demonstrates the success of CC’s strategy to strengthen its position in the market and capitalize on consumer demand.

With a strong balance sheet and a 75.6% rise in operating profit, CC’s core brands have proven to be a key driver of growth for the company.

Challenges and Resolutions

CC faced various challenges in its operations, including implementation issues in its British distribution business and a one-off charge related to a system upgrade, which CEO Patrick McMahon acknowledged still requires further resolution.

The implementation challenges in the British distribution business have affected the company’s performance and have led to the need for a system upgrade. These challenges have temporarily increased CC’s leverage multiple, impacting its financial position.

Despite these challenges, CC’s core brands, Tennents and Bulmers, have performed well, with a 9% increase in sales. The company’s strong balance sheet has allowed it to recommend a dividend to shareholders.

Moving forward, CC will continue to work towards resolving the implementation issues and improving its operations to ensure long-term success.

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