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Carelon’s DNA Services Aid In Repatriating Historical Irish Figure


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Limerick-based multinational company Carelon Global Solutions is playing a significant role in the repatriation of Patrick Sarsfield’s remains, an important historical figure in Ireland, through its DNA analysis services.

Carelon, specializing in genetic analysis for health prediction and prevention, has become a main sponsor of the campaign led by the Honorary Consul of France in Limerick, Dr Loïc Guyon.

The campaign involves archaeological works in Belgium to locate Sarsfield’s burial site, with crucial DNA testing of his family descendants for confirmation.

Carelon’s investment in this project aligns with its focus on DNA analysis and healthcare technology, marking its expansion beyond the US market.

What is Carelon’s Focus?

Carelon Global Solutions specializes in DNA analysis for predicting and preventing health issues, which aligns with its interest in repatriating Patrick Sarsfield’s remains and using genetic analysis to determine his exact burial location.

The company’s focus on DNA analysis and healthcare technology is evident in its research and development facility in Limerick, where genetic analysis, natural language processing, and AI projects are conducted.

Carelon employs a team of software developers, data scientists, systems analysts, and product managers to advance its genetic analysis capabilities. This emphasis on genetic analysis not only contributes to the company’s purpose of predicting and preventing health issues but also supports its collaboration with France’s healthcare system in repatriating Sarsfield’s remains.

Carelon’s investment in Europe further signifies its expansion beyond the US market and reinforces its commitment to the field of genetic analysis in the healthcare industry.

Campaign to Repatriate Remains

The campaign led by the Honorary Consul of France, Dr Loïc Guyon, aims to locate the burial site of Patrick Sarsfield and repatriate his remains to Ireland.

To achieve this, initial archaeological works will be conducted in Belgium, where it is believed Sarsfield was buried. DNA testing of Sarsfield’s family descendants will be crucial in confirming the identity of the remains. The goal is to complete the identification process by summer 2024 and repatriate the remains to Ireland by late 2024 or early 2025.

Carelon Global Solutions, a Limerick-based US multinational, will finance the initial archaeological excavation work.

Repatriating Sarsfield’s remains will serve to highlight his historical significance and contribution to Irish history, particularly his role in negotiating the Treaty of Limerick.

Genetic analysis plays a vital role in determining the exact burial location of Sarsfield.

Patrick Sarsfield’s Historical Significance

Patrick Sarsfield, also known as the First Earl of Lucan, played a pivotal role in Irish history through his negotiations of the Treaty of Limerick in 1691. This treaty marked a significant moment in the history of Limerick, as it brought an end to the Williamite War. Sarsfield’s involvement in the negotiations, particularly in Munster, is highly regarded and remembered.

Repatriating his remains will serve as a testament to his importance and contribution to Irish history. Genetic analysis is crucial in determining the exact burial location of Sarsfield, and Carelon’s focus on DNA analysis aligns with their goal of using genetic information for various purposes, including predicting and preventing health issues.

By financing the initial archaeological excavation work, Carelon aims to bring Sarsfield’s remains back to Ireland and honor his historical significance.

Carelon’s DNA Analysis and Healthcare Technology

Genetic analysis and healthcare technology are integral components of Carelon’s focus and expertise.

As a specialist in DNA analysis, Carelon Global Solutions utilizes cutting-edge techniques to predict and prevent health issues. Their research and development facility in Limerick is equipped with advanced technologies for genetic analysis, natural language processing, and AI projects.

This facility employs a diverse team of professionals, including software developers, data scientists, systems analysts, and product managers. By investing in these fields, Carelon aims to improve healthcare outcomes and contribute to medical advancements.

Furthermore, Carelon’s expansion beyond the US market highlights their commitment to global healthcare initiatives. The company’s interest in repatriating Patrick Sarsfield’s remains aligns with their purpose of utilizing genetic analysis to uncover historical and genetic insights.

Through their dedication to DNA analysis and healthcare technology, Carelon continues to make significant contributions to the field of healthcare.

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