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IKEA’s Expansion In Ireland: New Pick-Up Points In Cork, Limerick, And Waterford


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IKEA is making significant strides in expanding its presence in Ireland. They are introducing six new pick-up points in Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, and Waterford. These pick-up points will be conveniently located in Tesco Ireland’s car parks. The purpose of these pick-up points is to allow customers to collect their IKEA orders while doing their regular shopping.

This expansion follows a successful pilot run of three pick-up locations. In addition to the pick-up points, IKEA has partnered with Tesco Ireland to offer free delivery for orders exceeding €200. This partnership will provide added convenience for customers who prefer to have their orders delivered directly to their homes.

Furthermore, IKEA has plans to open a Customer Distribution Centre in west Dublin. This move will create job opportunities and enhance product availability for Irish customers. The distribution centre will serve as a hub for efficiently managing and distributing IKEA products throughout Ireland.

Overall, these initiatives demonstrate IKEA’s commitment to expanding its reach in Ireland and providing enhanced services to its customers.

Expansion plans in Ireland

IKEA’s expansion plans in Ireland include the launch of six new mobile pick-up points in Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, and Waterford, in addition to their existing pilot locations, as part of their ongoing efforts to enhance product availability for customers.

These pick-up points, located in Tesco Ireland’s car parks, will provide a convenient collection service for customers who can select this option when placing an order online. The partnership with Tesco allows customers to combine picking up their IKEA order with their weekly shopping.

Furthermore, IKEA is also opening a Customer Distribution Centre in west Dublin, which will create 120 jobs and process online orders directly from Ireland. Additionally, they have opened a plan and order point in Cork’s Douglas Village Shopping Centre, with more locations planned to open by the end of the year.

Through these expansion plans, IKEA aims to meet the increasing demand and provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers in Ireland.

Partnership with Tesco

The collaboration between a retail company and a grocery chain in Ireland allows customers to conveniently collect their orders while conducting their weekly shopping.

IKEA has partnered with Tesco Ireland to provide pick-up points for customers to collect their orders in Tesco’s car parks. When placing an order online, customers can select the collection service at their local Tesco. At the designated pick-up point, customers will meet with a delivery driver to receive their IKEA order.

This partnership offers customers the opportunity to combine picking up their orders with their regular weekly shopping. Additionally, for orders over €200, the pick-up points offer a free delivery option.

The collaboration between IKEA and Tesco Ireland enhances the convenience and accessibility of IKEA’s products for customers in Ireland.

Distribution center and plan and order points

The distribution center and plan and order points contribute to the expansion of IKEA’s services and accessibility for customers. The unveiling of the first Customer Distribution Centre in west Dublin signifies a significant step in IKEA’s expansion plans. This facility, set to open next year, will create 120 job opportunities and will process online orders directly from Ireland, enhancing efficiency and reducing delivery times for customers.

In addition, the opening of the fourth plan and order point in Cork’s Douglas Village Shopping Centre, along with existing locations in Drogheda, Naas, and St. Stephens Green, further strengthens IKEA’s presence in Ireland. These plan and order points allow customers to conveniently plan and order their desired products.

Furthermore, IKEA’s commitment to open more plan and order points by the end of the year demonstrates their dedication to enhancing accessibility and product availability for their customers.

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