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WeWork Transforms Dublin Landmark in Flagship Location


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The introduction of WeWork’s latest flagship location in Dublin, situated within the historic Central Bank HQ, has garnered considerable attention within both the real estate and corporate sectors. The meticulous refurbishment project, valued at $100 million, has breathed new life into the iconic Dame Street structure, now rebranded as One Central Plaza. As this transformation signals WeWork’s strategic move to establish a prominent presence in Dublin’s business landscape, the impact on the local market and the broader implications for workspace trends are subjects worth exploring further.

Location Details

WeWork has recently introduced its new flagship location at the old Central Bank HQ in Dublin, following a thorough $100 million refurbishment of the landmark Dame Street building. This historic site, which had been vacant since its sale in 2017, now boasts 1,500 desks spread across eight floors, providing members with a range of workspaces including office suites, conference rooms, bookable spaces, and phone booths. The strategic location offers businesses unparalleled access to a prestigious address in the heart of Dublin. With its rich history and modern amenities, the WeWork space at the old Central Bank HQ aims to cater to the diverse needs of companies looking for flexible and well-designed workspace solutions.

Redevelopment Highlights

The redevelopment of the old Central Bank HQ in Dublin encompassed a thorough transformation that included the integration of offices, shops, restaurants, and a rooftop venue. WeWork leased the 1970s building in 2018, initiating a 100 million refurbishment project. One Central Plaza, at the heart of Dublin, now boasts a mix of workspaces and amenities, offering members access to 1,500 desks across eight floors. Prominent features include office suites, conference rooms, bookable spaces, and phone booths. Krispy Kreme was the pioneering business to open its doors at One Central Plaza in 2022, marking a significant step in WeWork’s expansion strategy. The new space also offers unparalleled 360-degree views of the city, enhancing the overall workspace experience.

Company Statements

With the introduction of their new location at the old Central Bank HQ in Dublin, WeWork’s chief revenue officer, Ben Samuels, expressed enthusiastic anticipation for the company’s latest venture. One Central Plaza is viewed as a significant move for WeWork, positioning the company as a key partner for businesses in need of flexible workspace solutions. WeWork aims to cater to scaling businesses with well-designed spaces, offering a range of amenities to meet diverse needs. The company’s Dublin presence, including locations like Charlemont Exchange and Dublin Landings, reflects a commitment to providing top-tier workspace options. WeWork’s growth aligns with the rising demand for flexible workspaces, emphasizing the importance of adaptable workspace solutions in modern business environments.

Market Impact Analysis

Highlighting the expansion of flexible workspace solutions in Dublin, the market impact of WeWork’s new flagship location at the old Central Bank HQ reflects the city’s growing importance as a business hub. WeWork’s presence in Dublin not only caters to the increasing demand for flexible workspaces but also enhances the city’s appeal as a prime location for businesses. The opening of One Central Plaza provides businesses with top-tier amenities and a strategic location, further solidifying Dublin’s position as a hub for modern work practices. WeWork’s commitment to offering well-designed spaces that accommodate diverse business needs aligns with the evolving preferences of companies towards flexible workspace solutions, emphasizing the significance of its market impact in Dublin’s business landscape.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, WeWork’s strategic vision focuses on enhancing global locations and solidifying its position as a top choice for businesses seeking flexible workspace solutions. As the company continues to expand its footprint, the future outlook for WeWork appears promising. By providing well-designed spaces and premium amenities, WeWork aims to meet the evolving demands of businesses worldwide. The recent opening of the flagship location at the old Central Bank HQ in Dublin signifies a positive phase for the company, showcasing its commitment to offering top-tier workspaces in prime locations. With an emphasis on catering to diverse business needs and adapting to modern workplace trends, WeWork’s growth reflects a shift towards flexible workspace solutions and positions the company as a key player in the industry.


To sum up, WeWork’s transformation of the Central Bank HQ into One Central Plaza in Dublin demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing innovative workspace solutions in a prime location. The $100 million refurbishment project has revitalized the landmark building, offering businesses a prestigious address with flexible workspace options. This redevelopment signifies WeWork’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the evolving market, positioning them as a leader in the industry.

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