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HMV opens doors to new Dublin store today


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HMV, the well-known retailer of music and entertainment products, is making a comeback in Ireland after more than a decade with the opening of its new store in Dublin’s Henry Street. Under new ownership, this marks HMV’s first new store in Ireland and its first flagship location outside of the UK.

The store is spread across three floors and will offer a wide selection of products, including vinyl albums, CDs, music technology, and pop culture merchandise. The opening of the new store will create 25 new jobs, providing employment opportunities in the retail sector. Phil Halliday, the Managing Director of HMV for the UK and Ireland, expressed excitement about the return of HMV to Dublin and stated their commitment to becoming the premier music destination in the city.

The reopening of HMV in Dublin marks a significant milestone for the retailer and music enthusiasts in Ireland. With its rich history in Dublin, HMV has long been a popular destination for music lovers and entertainment enthusiasts. The new store, located in the bustling Henry Street in Dublin city centre, aims to recapture the magic of HMV and provide a premier music destination for customers.

Spanning three floors, the new HMV store offers an extensive range of products, catering to various interests within the realm of music and pop culture. Customers can expect to find a diverse selection of vinyl albums, CDs, and music technology, allowing them to explore and appreciate music in physical formats. Additionally, the store will feature a range of pop culture merchandise, providing fans with collectibles, apparel, and other related products.

The reopening of HMV in Ireland not only brings back a beloved retailer but also contributes to the local economy. The new store has created 25 new jobs, offering employment opportunities for individuals passionate about music and the entertainment industry. These jobs will contribute to the retail sector in Dublin and provide valuable experiences for employees.

HMV’s commitment to becoming the best music destination in town is evident in its expanded offering. With a wide range of products available under one roof, the store aims to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of its customers. By embracing physical formats like vinyl and CDs, HMV continues to support the appreciation of music in tangible forms and caters to the growing demand for these formats among music enthusiasts.

The reopening of HMV in Dublin also signifies the enduring appeal of brick-and-mortar stores in an era dominated by digital consumption. While online platforms have become increasingly popular for music streaming and purchasing, HMV’s return highlights the continued demand for physical music products and the unique experience of browsing through physical music collections.

Overall, the return of HMV to Dublin represents a resurgence of a beloved brand, offering music lovers and pop culture enthusiasts a dedicated space to explore, discover, and connect with their passions. The new flagship store’s opening signifies HMV’s commitment to providing an enhanced customer experience and reestablishing itself as a prominent player in the music retail industry, both in Ireland and beyond.

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