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Transforming Ireland’s Rail System: Connecting Major Cities With Frequent Service


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The purpose of this article is to discuss the recommendations made in a recent report for the transformation of Ireland’s rail system, with a focus on connecting major cities with frequent service.

The report suggests the implementation of an hourly train service between major cities and at least one train every two hours between other urban centers. These proposals aim to enhance the existing rail system and could be carried out by 2030.

The report makes a total of 30 recommendations over a 25-year period, emphasizing faster speeds, improved frequency, and the introduction of new rail routes for both passenger and freight transportation.

Specific rail proposals include the establishment of the Limerick to Foynes railway, the South Wexford Railway between Waterford and Rosslare Europort, and the reopening of various rail lines.

Additionally, the report suggests the establishment of an international agreement between lighthouse authorities in Ireland and Britain to ensure navigation safety, particularly in light of Brexit.

The report also highlights the objective of reducing the number of trucks on the road.

Recommended Rail Service

The report recommends the implementation of an hourly train service between major cities, as well as the establishment of at least one train every two hours between other urban centers, in order to transform the current rail system.

The aim of these recommendations is to improve the speed and frequency of rail services in Ireland. By increasing the number of trains between major cities, passengers will have more options and flexibility in their travel plans.

Additionally, the establishment of regular train services between other urban centers will provide better connectivity and accessibility for people living in these areas.

These proposed changes are part of a larger plan to upgrade and modernize the rail system in Ireland. It is expected that these recommendations could be implemented before 2030, with the goal of taking more trucks off the roads and promoting sustainable transportation options.

Specific Rail Proposals

One of the specific rail proposals in the report includes the reopening of the Antrim to Lisburn line with a station at Belfast International Airport. This proposal aims to enhance connectivity and accessibility for passengers traveling to and from the airport.

By reopening this line, it would provide a more convenient and efficient mode of transportation, reducing the reliance on road travel and alleviating congestion in the area. Additionally, it would benefit both local residents and tourists by offering a direct rail link to the airport, making it easier for them to access flights and other transportation connections.

The inclusion of a station at Belfast International Airport would also enhance the overall transportation infrastructure in the region, further promoting economic growth and development.

International Agreement for Lighthouse Authorities

An international agreement is being sought by the Minister to address the joint procurement challenges arising from Brexit for lighthouse authorities in Ireland and Britain.

Currently, navigation safety is overseen by three lighthouse authorities, and Brexit necessitates a new solution for joint procurement.

The proposed international agreement aims to establish a framework for cooperation and collaboration between the lighthouse authorities in Ireland and Britain. This agreement is crucial to ensure the continued provision of navigation safety services in the region.

Additionally, the agreement will facilitate the procurement of significant contracts for the provision of helicopter services for remote lighthouse locations. By establishing a formal agreement, the Minister seeks to streamline the procurement process and ensure the efficient and effective delivery of services.

This international agreement will play a vital role in maintaining navigation safety and addressing the challenges posed by Brexit.

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