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Seatruck Ferries and Stena Line revolutionise Irish Sea freight routes


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The Irish Sea freight routes have undergone a significant transformation with the introduction of new services by Seatruck Ferries and Stena Line.

Dublin Port Company has selected Stena Line to operate a new route from Dublin to Birkenhead, alongside their existing Belfast to Birkenhead service. This new freight service, set to commence in mid-February, is expected to enhance efficiency for port users and provide more options for freight customers. Stena Line plans to expand the service as demand increases, establishing key logistics hubs in Dublin Port and Birkenhead.

In the meantime, Seatruck Ferries, in collaboration with parent company CLDN, will enhance their Dublin-UK services through a shared freight terminal agreement. These developments have promising implications for Irish exporters and importers, offering multiple routes and maintaining diversity.

The shared licence granted to both Stena Line and Seatruck Ferries maximises existing port infrastructure and aligns with Dublin Port Company’s objectives of capacity expansion and economic support. With future expansion plans and a commitment to meeting customer needs, Seatruck Ferries and Stena Line are poised to revolutionise Irish Sea freight routes.

Stena Line’s New Dublin-Birkenhead Service

The introduction of Stena Line’s new Dublin-Birkenhead service marks a significant addition to their expanding portfolio of freight routes across the Irish Sea. This new service, operated by Stena Line, was selected by Dublin Port Company and is set to commence in mid-February. By establishing this route, Stena Line now operates two routes out of both Dublin Port and Birkenhead, creating key logistics hubs.

The Dublin-Birkenhead service not only creates efficiencies for port users but also offers more choice for freight customers. Stena Line is confident that the new service will prove popular on both sides of the Irish Sea.

This expansion of Stena Line’s services contributes to connecting freight flows across the Irish Sea and complements their existing routes.

Seatruck Ferries’ Dublin-UK Services Expansion

Seatruck Ferries is expanding its Dublin-UK services to enhance efficiency and meet growing demand. As part of a shared freight terminal agreement with parent company CLDN, Seatruck Ferries will move its Dublin-Heysham freight service to Terminal 5 in Dublin Port next month. This move will allow Seatruck Ferries to operate at least four sailings a day in both directions.

The Dublin-Liverpool route, which was previously served by two P&O ferries making 24 sailings a week, has experienced growth and increased demand. To accommodate this, Seatruck Ferries has expanded its fleet and invested in improving services on this route.

The Dublin-Liverpool route offers efficient transportation for cargo, ensuring reliable and timely delivery of goods. Additionally, it proves to be cost-effective for businesses, allowing for seamless logistics operations and contributing to economic development.

Impact on Irish Exporters and Importers

How do the new freight routes provided by Seatruck Ferries and Stena Line impact Irish exporters and importers?

These new services have brought positive implications for Irish businesses involved in exporting and importing goods. The availability of multiple routes, such as Dublin-Holyhead-Heysham, ensures that exporters and importers have a range of options to choose from.

The shared licence awarded to both Seatruck Ferries and Stena Line maximises the existing infrastructure of the ports, leading to increased capacity and efficiency. The complementing of Stena Line’s existing routes with the new service further enhances the accessibility and connectivity for Irish exporters and importers.

As a result, these developments provide more choice, improved logistics operations, and potential cost savings, ultimately benefiting the Irish export and import industry.

Dublin Port Company’s Objectives and Partnership

Dublin Port Company has partnered with Seatruck Ferries and Stena Line to achieve its objectives and enhance the efficiency of Irish Sea freight routes. The shared license awarded to Stena Line and Seatruck Ferries supports the port company’s goals of adding capacity and promoting strong availability and competition on direct shipping routes between Dublin Port and the UK.

The partnership with Seatruck Ferries and CLDN on growing the Dublin-Heysham service is also continued, allowing Seatruck Ferries to increase capacity and optimize operations at the port by utilizing both Terminal 4 and Terminal 5. This collaboration aims to meet the evolving needs of customers and contribute to the economic development of the region.

Future Plans and Goals for Stena Line and Seatruck Ferries:

Stena Line and Seatruck Ferries have ambitious plans and goals for the future. Both companies aim to enhance their services and expand their operations in British waters.

Stena Line intends to invest in their fleet, infrastructure, and technology to provide even better travel experiences for their passengers. They are focused on improving their onboard facilities, including restaurants, entertainment options, and accommodation, to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Additionally, Stena Line is committed to reducing their environmental impact. They plan to explore greener fuel options and implement sustainable practices to minimize their carbon footprint. By embracing sustainable solutions, Stena Line aims to contribute to a cleaner and more eco-friendly maritime industry.

Stena Line aims to further expand its ferry services in the future, with a focus on exploring new routes and destinations. The company is committed to providing high-quality services to its customers and meeting their evolving needs.

Seatruck Ferries plans to continue investing in its Dublin-Liverpool route, which has seen an increase in demand. The company has already expanded its fleet to accommodate the growing demand and has invested in improving its services on this route.

Both Stena Line and Seatruck Ferries are dedicated to maximising efficiency, capacity, and choice for Irish exporters and importers, while contributing to the economic development of the region.


In conclusion, the introduction of new services by Seatruck Ferries and Stena Line has revolutionised the Irish Sea freight routes.

The new Dublin-Birkenhead service by Stena Line and the expansion of Seatruck Ferries’ Dublin-UK services offer increased efficiency and choices for port users and freight customers.

These developments align with Dublin Port Company’s objectives of adding capacity and supporting the economy.

With future plans for expansion, both companies are poised to further transform the Irish Sea freight industry, offering promising opportunities for Irish exporters and importers.

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