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Ryanair Incident: Schoolgirl’s Settlement Approved


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The approval of the €15,000 settlement for Gabriela Gaspar, the 13-year-old schoolgirl involved in the Ryanair incident, sheds light on the aftermath of the distressing event that unfolded mid-air. While the financial compensation is a step towards closure, it raises questions about the broader implications of such incidents on passengers’ safety and well-being. The impact extends beyond monetary compensation, prompting a closer examination of airline protocols, passenger rights, and the emotional toll of being involved in a high-altitude emergency.

Incident Details

Judge Mary Morrissey approved a settlement of €15,000 for a 13-year-old Cork schoolgirl in response to the distressing incident on a Ryanair flight en route to Croatia, where the plane depressurized suddenly. Oxygen masks were deployed, causing distress to Gabriela Gaspar, who was 7 years old at the time. The aircraft shook heavily, rapidly descended, and the cabin became dark and cold. Medical professionals provided first aid to passengers distressed and bleeding from their ears and noses. The incident left a lasting impact on both Gabriela and her mother, Monika, who experienced nosebleeds, headaches, and nightmares post-incident. Monika, who suffers from asthma, had an attack while trying to assist her daughter with the oxygen mask.

Impact on Passengers

Following the distressing incident on the Ryanair flight en route to Croatia, the impact on passengers, particularly Gabriela and her mother Monika, was significant and enduring. Monika had to assist Gabriela in fitting an oxygen mask, experiencing distress, nosebleeds, headaches, and nightmares afterward. Suffering from asthma, applying the mask triggered an asthma attack for Monika. After an emergency landing in Frankfurt, passengers endured an 11-hour wait for another aircraft, with Monika expressing terror upon re-boarding, kicking and screaming. The psychological and physical toll of the incident on passengers like Gabriela and Monika highlights the lasting effects of traumatic events in air travel, underscoring the need for adequate support and care for those impacted.

Legal Proceedings

During the legal proceedings concerning the Ryanair incident, Barrister James Daly presented the case in the Circuit Civil Court. The settlement offer of €15,000 for the 13-year-old Cork schoolgirl, Gabriela Gaspar, was approved by Judge Mary Morrissey. The court took into account the ongoing nightmares and distress experienced by Gabriela’s mother, Monika, following the traumatic event. Monika, a resident of Douglas Hall Mews, Skehard Road, Cork, highlighted the impact of the incident on her mental and physical well-being, particularly noting the exacerbation of her asthma condition. The court recognized Monika’s vulnerability due to her health issues and the emotional toll caused by the distressing events aboard the Ryanair flight.

Privacy Policy

In light of the legal proceedings surrounding the Ryanair incident, an examination of the airline’s Privacy Policy reveals detailed information on data collection and usage practices by its numerous partners. Ryanair’s Privacy Policy indicates that 80 partners are involved in storing and accessing information on devices for data processing purposes. Consent is a prerequisite for processing personal data, with options to manage this consent available in privacy policy settings. Partners may utilize legitimate interest as a basis for further processing personal data post-consent. The collection and usage of geolocation data, device characteristics, and personalized advertising are key aspects of Ryanair’s data practices. Additionally, partners engage in activities such as audience research, content measurement, and service development, as outlined in the airline’s Privacy Policy.

Data Collection and Usage

Partners collaborating with Ryanair actively utilize precise geolocation data for targeted advertising and personalized content delivery.

  • Device characteristics are actively scanned for identification purposes.
  • Information is stored and accessed on devices for advertising and content personalization.
  • Partners engage in audience research and service development based on collected data.

These practices enable partners to tailor their advertising strategies and content offerings to specific locations and individual preferences. By leveraging this data, Ryanair and its partners can enhance the overall customer experience by delivering more relevant and engaging content to their target audience.

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