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AmEx Acquires Tock: Expanding Dining Industry Presence


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American Express’s recent acquisition of Tock reflects a strategic shift in the company’s approach towards the dining industry. This move not only signifies a notable financial investment but also highlights American Express‘s commitment to expanding its foothold in the ever-evolving hospitality sector. As credit card companies continue to make strategic forays into exclusive partnerships with high-end restaurants, the implications of this acquisition on the overall dining landscape are profound. The synergy between American Express and Tock opens up intriguing possibilities for both the companies and the dining industry at large.

Acquisition Details

In a strategic move to strengthen its presence in the dining industry, American Express has recently acquired Tock from Squarespace for a substantial $400 million in cash. This acquisition adds to AmEx’s portfolio, which already includes Resy, acquired five years ago. Tock, founded in Chicago in 2014, serves approximately 7,000 restaurants and venues, including prominent establishments like Aquavit in New York and Chez Noir in California. This purchase signifies a trend of credit card companies venturing into the dining sector, with JP Morgan also entering the space by acquiring The Infatuation in 2021. The deal between Squarespace and Tock was finalized on Friday, as AmEx aims to secure high-end businesses as exclusive or preferential partners for its cardholders.

Industry Trends

Highlighting a shift in the dining sector landscape, credit card companies have increasingly ventured into the industry through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. American Express (AmEx) acquiring Tock from Squarespace for $400 million in cash is a clear indicator of this trend. With AmEx’s previous acquisition of Resy and JP Morgan’s purchase of The Infatuation, the dining industry is experiencing a notable influx of financial institutions. Tock, founded in 2014, serves a wide array of restaurants and venues, including renowned establishments like Aquavit in New York and Chez Noir in California. These acquisitions signify a strategic move by credit card companies to secure high-end businesses as exclusive partners, demonstrating a broader trend of financial firms expanding their presence within the dining sector.

Privacy Policy Overview

An essential aspect of the operational framework within the domain of data management and user consent is the detailed Privacy Policy maintained by American Express (AmEx) and its extensive network of partners.

  1. Information storage and access are conducted by AmEx and 80 partners for data processing.
  2. Consent for data processing is mandatory, with options to control preferences in the policy.
  3. Vendors may utilize legitimate interest post-consent to further process personal data.
  4. Data collection encompasses geolocation, device scanning, and personalized advertising.

Data Collection Insights

The data collection practices employed by American Express and its network of partners involve precise geolocation tracking, device identification, and strategic information storage. This focused approach enables personalized advertising, content measurement, audience research, and service development. Consent is essential for vendors to process personal data based on legitimate interest, allowing them to store, access, and further utilize data on various devices. The list of partners includes entities engaged in advertising and content services, indicating a multifaceted data usage strategy. By leveraging data collection insights, AmEx can enhance its understanding of consumer behavior, preferences, and trends in the dining industry. This holistic approach underscores the importance of strategic data utilization in optimizing services and experiences for cardholders.

Terms Acknowledgment

Acknowledgment of the terms regarding data processing and privacy policy is an essential step for users engaging with American Express and its network of partners. When interacting with AmEx and its affiliates, users should be aware of the following:

  1. Consent Requirement: Users must provide consent for information storage and access by AmEx and its partners.
  2. Preference Management: It is possible to manage preferences and object to processing based on legitimate interest.
  3. Privacy Policy Details: The privacy policy outlines the actions taken by AmEx and partners regarding personal data.
  4. Benefits of Consent: Accepting the terms enables vendors to process data for advertising, content, and audience research, leading to personalized services and content delivery.
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