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RTE Boss Launches Review Of Voluntary Exit Scheme


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RTÉ director-general Kevin Bakhurst has initiated an external review of the broadcaster’s voluntary exit scheme, covering the years 2017-2021. This move comes as part of the government’s examination of contractor fees and human resources at RTÉ.

The review was prompted by the revelation that the voluntary redundancy package for former CFO Breda OKeeffe was not approved by all members of the executive team. Notably, the current CFO Richard Collins, who was part of the executive board at the time, was not present during the decision-making process. Interim deputy director-general Adrian Lynch recently discovered OKeeffe’s departure through the voluntary redundancy scheme.

Labour TD Alan Kelly has called for a further investigation into potential instances where the scheme may not have been properly applied. Mr. Bakhurst is taking this matter seriously and is conducting a thorough examination. The objective of this review is to ensure transparency and accountability within RTÉ’s voluntary exit scheme.

External Review Ordered

An external review of the voluntary exit scheme has been ordered by the RTÉ boss, Kevin Bakhurst, covering the years 2017-2021, which will provide input for the Government’s examination of contractor fees and human resources at RTÉ.

This review comes in response to concerns raised over the voluntary redundancy package for former CFO Breda O’Keeffe, which was not signed off by every member of the executive team.

The current CFO, Richard Collins, was on the executive board when the payment was made but not when it was agreed upon. The issue has been taken seriously by Mr. Bakhurst, who is examining the matter.

The review aims to address any potential instances where the voluntary redundancy scheme may not have been applied correctly and ensure transparency and accountability within the organization.

Scope and Timeframe

The scope and timeframe of the current examination involves the years 2017-2021.

This comprehensive review, commissioned by RTÉ director-general Kevin Bakhurst, aims to assess the voluntary exit scheme implemented during this period.

By focusing on a four-year span, the examination can provide a thorough analysis of the scheme’s operation and its impact on RTÉ’s human resources and financial situation.

This timeframe allows for a comprehensive understanding of the voluntary redundancy packages granted to employees and their approval process.

It also offers an opportunity to identify any potential irregularities or inconsistencies in the implementation of the scheme.

By conducting such a review, RTÉ aims to ensure transparency and accountability within its organization, while also contributing valuable insights to the ongoing government review of contractor fees and human resources at RTÉ.

Implications and Investigation

Implications and investigation into the voluntary redundancy scheme at RTÉ have been initiated to ensure transparency, accountability, and adherence to proper approval processes within the organization.

The revelation that the voluntary redundancy package for former CFO Breda O’Keeffe was not signed off by every member of the executive has raised concerns about the decision-making process at RTÉ.

It is essential to determine whether this was an isolated incident or if there were other instances where the scheme was not applied correctly. This investigation will shed light on any potential discrepancies and help identify any systemic issues within the organization.

The scrutiny surrounding this issue highlights the importance of proper governance and oversight in managing voluntary exit schemes. It is crucial for RTÉ to address any shortcomings and implement measures to prevent similar lapses in the future, ensuring that proper procedures are followed and decisions are made in a fair and transparent manner.

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