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ResHub Acquired by UK Social Care Tech Giant


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The recent acquisition of ResHub by UK Social Care Tech Giant has brought forth a wave of anticipation within the industry. This strategic move signifies a shift in the landscape of online engagement and service provision, hinting at potential advancements that could redefine the standards of care platforms.

As ResHub aligns its vision with the resources and expertise of the UK-based entity, the implications for innovation and market expansion are substantial. The implications of this acquisition extend beyond mere consolidation; they offer a glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead for ResHub and the broader social care tech sector.

Acquisition Details

Being acquired by the UK social care tech group PCS, Irish start-up ResHub is set to pioneer the development of a cutting-edge care platform for online engagement and service booking. This strategic move aims to support 1,000 nursing homes within the next 12 months, leveraging ResHub’s existing client base in the UK, US, and Australia.

The acquisition not only accelerates ResHub’s growth trajectory but also aligns with its overarching product vision. By joining forces with PCS, ResHub gains access to a wealth of resources, expertise, and operational capabilities that will be instrumental in solidifying its position as a market leader in the online care engagement sector.

This acquisition represents a significant step forward for ResHub towards achieving its ambitious growth targets.

Benefits for ResHub

Acquiring ResHub provides significant advantages for the Irish start-up. It enhances its credibility, expands hiring plans, and positions it as a market leader in the online care engagement sector. The acquisition bolsters ResHub’s reputation, making it more appealing to larger corporate clients and investors. This increased credibility opens doors for ResHub to secure more partnerships and collaborations within the industry.

Moreover, the backing of UK social care tech giant PCS enables ResHub to accelerate its hiring plans, fueling its growth trajectory. By joining forces with PCS, ResHub gains access to a wealth of expertise and resources, propelling it towards achieving its ambitious growth targets and solidifying its position as a key player in the online care engagement market.

Connected Care Group’s Information

The financial information of Connected Care Group reveals its substantial turnover and employment statistics for the period up to May 31, 2023. Brighton-based private equity firm Cow Corner acquired a controlling stake in Person Centred Software, leading to Connected Care Group’s turnover exceeding £10.9m (€12.7m).

Over the eight months up to May 31, 2023, the company maintained an average monthly staff count of 135 individuals. Cow Corner, established in 2018 by Matthew Rourke and Stephen Baxter, underwent a transformation post-acquisition, rebranding as Connected Care Group.

This acquisition positioned Connected Care Group as a significant player in the social care tech sector, allowing for potential growth and expansion opportunities.

Key Players in the Acquisition

Following the acquisition of Connected Care Group by private equity firm Cow Corner, key individuals involved in the acquisition of ResHub by UK social care tech group PCS include co-founders Sean McLoughlin and Neil Hosey, along with the executive team of Connected Care Group led by Matthew Rourke and Stephen Baxter.

Sean McLoughlin, as the CEO of ResHub, played a pivotal role in the acquisition process, while Neil Hosey is actively engaged in discussing growth strategies post-acquisition.

Matthew Rourke and Stephen Baxter, the co-founders of Cow Corner, which was later renamed Connected Care Group after the acquisition, provided the financial backing and strategic direction necessary for the deal.

These key players collectively orchestrated the acquisition, aiming to propel ResHub towards achieving its growth targets and market leadership position.

Future Growth Plans

In light of the recent acquisition by UK social care tech group PCS, ResHub is strategically positioned to accelerate its growth trajectory through focused expansion plans.

The company aims to realize its product vision by expanding services to a larger network of nursing homes. Leveraging the acquisition, ResHub plans to tap into PCS’s established client base to drive growth.

Emphasis will be placed on achieving growth targets through strategic partnerships and an increase in hiring efforts. By aligning with PCS, ResHub is poised to achieve faster and more effective growth, solidifying its position in the market and advancing towards becoming a leader in the social care tech industry.


In conclusion, the acquisition of ResHub by UK social care tech giant PCS represents a significant milestone in the online engagement and service booking sector. With strategic advantages such as increased credibility, expansion of hiring initiatives, and access to market investment, ResHub is well-positioned for accelerated growth and innovation.

The collaboration with PCS is expected to drive the realization of ResHub’s ambitious product vision and solidify its position as a market leader in the industry.

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