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Limerick Chamber says dominance of Dublin Airport must be challenged


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Limerick Chamber has expressed concern over the growing dominance of Dublin Airport, which is resulting in a decline in passenger flow and flight connectivity at other regional airports in Ireland. In its submission for the ‘Mid-term Review of the Regional Airports Programme,’ the Chamber has emphasized the need for increased support for Shannon Airport to address this imbalance.

According to the Chamber, Shannon Airport has the potential to accommodate an additional 2.8 million passengers without requiring substantial infrastructure investments. By harnessing its existing capacity effectively, Shannon could attract more traffic and bolster its role as a vital regional airport.

The Chamber’s call for greater support for Shannon Airport stems from the belief that a well-balanced distribution of passenger flow and flight connectivity across regional airports would enhance overall accessibility and connectivity within Ireland. By addressing the current disparities, Shannon Airport could contribute significantly to the regional economy and promote balanced growth throughout the country.

Efforts to strengthen Shannon Airport would not only benefit the airport itself but also alleviate the strain on Dublin Airport, which has been grappling with overcrowding and capacity challenges. Creating a more level playing field for regional airports can lead to a more equitable distribution of air travel options for both domestic and international passengers, fostering economic development and connectivity across various regions of Ireland.

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