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Irish Businessman Gerry Murphy Appointed As Tesco’s New Leader


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Irish businessman Gerry Murphy has been appointed as the new leader of Tesco, taking over the role of chairman from John Allan.

Murphy, who currently serves as chairman of Burberry and Tate & Lyle, brings a wealth of experience to the position. With a background in the food industry and extensive knowledge in marketing, Murphy is well-equipped to lead Tesco into the future.

Prior to his current roles, he held positions as chairman at Blackstone and as a non-executive director at British American Tobacco and Merlin Entertainments.

Murphy’s appointment comes at a crucial time for Tesco, as the company looks to move forward following the scandal surrounding Allan’s resignation. With his impressive track record and expertise, Murphy is poised to steer Tesco towards success in the coming years.

Who is Gerry Murphy?

Gerry Murphy, an Irish businessman, has been appointed as the new leader of Tesco, replacing John Allan, who resigned due to claims of inappropriate behavior.

Dr. Murphy brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having served as the chairman of Burberry and Tate & Lyle. He has also held positions as the chairman at Blackstone and as a non-executive director at British American Tobacco and Merlin Entertainments.

Dr. Murphy holds an impressive educational background, with a BSc and PhD in Food Science and Technology, as well as an MBS in Marketing.

His appointment is expected to be officially announced soon, and he is set to take over the reins at Tesco. With his extensive business expertise, Dr. Murphy is poised to lead the company towards continued success.

Career Highlights

With a background in various industries, the individual selected for the leadership role at Tesco has held prominent positions at companies such as Burberry, Tate & Lyle, Blackstone, British American Tobacco, and Merlin Entertainments.

Dr Gerry Murphy, the new chairman of Tesco, brings a wealth of experience to the role. He previously served as chairman at Blackstone and as a non-executive director at British American Tobacco and Merlin Entertainments.

Dr Murphy’s expertise extends to the food industry, as he holds a BSc in Food Science and Technology and a PhD in Food Science and Technology. Additionally, he has an MBS in Marketing.

With his extensive background in various sectors and his strong track record in leadership positions, Dr Murphy is well-equipped to guide Tesco towards continued success.

Current Role at Burberry

In his current role as chairman, Dr Gerry Murphy oversees the operations and strategic direction of Burberry. With his extensive experience and leadership skills, he plays a crucial role in guiding the luxury fashion brand towards growth and success.

Dr Murphy’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing guidance and support to the executive team
  • Ensuring effective corporate governance
  • Driving the implementation of Burberry’s business strategies

As chairman, he works closely with the CEO and other key stakeholders to develop and execute plans that align with the company’s overall objectives. Dr Murphy’s expertise in the retail industry, combined with his previous leadership roles in various organizations, positions him well to contribute to Burberry’s continued success in the global luxury market.

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