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Enhancing Connectivity: Dublin Express Launches Belfast-Dublin Route


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Dublin Express, a subsidiary of National Express Limited, is making a significant investment of £8.5m in launching a new bus route connecting Belfast and Dublin. This new route will provide 16 daily trips in both directions, linking Belfast city center with Dublin Airport and Dublin city center.

To attract customers, the first 10,000 passengers will have the opportunity to purchase £1 tickets through the Dublin Express website. Apart from improving connectivity between these two major cities, this investment will also create 40 new jobs in areas such as driving, management, maintenance, and retail.

The aim is to provide a high-quality travel experience for passengers along the M1 corridor. With an estimated one million Northern Ireland residents using Dublin Airport annually, this new service will greatly enhance connectivity and transportation options for travelers.

The coaches will be equipped with modern amenities, including wheelchair accessibility, free wifi, reclining seats, and USB charging points.

New Bus Route Details

The new bus route launched by Dublin Express on the Belfast to Dublin route consists of 16 daily trips in each direction, connecting Belfast city center to Dublin Airport and Dublin city center.

This new route aims to enhance connectivity between the two most populated cities on the island of Ireland. The service is expected to cater to over one million Northern Ireland residents who use Dublin Airport annually.

The buses on this route are equipped with modern amenities, such as leather reclining seats, free wifi, and USB charging points, ensuring a high-quality experience for passengers. Additionally, the coaches are fully accessible, with features like an onboard lift and wheelchair space. The vehicles also adhere to the latest Euro VI diesel specification and are equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment.

The introduction of this new bus route is expected to provide convenient and efficient transportation options for travelers along the M1 corridor.

Benefits for Passengers

Improved transportation options between Belfast and Dublin offer passengers increased convenience and accessibility, contributing to the overall enhancement of travel experiences.

The new bus route provided by Dublin Express aims to cater to the needs of passengers commuting between the two cities. The introduction of 16 trips per day in each direction from Belfast city center to Dublin Airport and Dublin city center ensures that passengers have ample options to choose from.

Moreover, the new coaches equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment, such as the latest Euro VI diesel specification and on-board lift, prioritize passenger comfort and accessibility. The inclusion of additional amenities like free wifi, leather reclining seats, USB charging points, and toilets further enhance the travel experience.

With these benefits, passengers can enjoy a seamless and comfortable journey, making their travel between Belfast and Dublin more convenient and enjoyable.

Economic Impact

Increased transportation options between Belfast and Dublin have significant economic implications for both cities and the surrounding regions. The launch of the new Belfast-Dublin route by Dublin Express is expected to generate a positive economic impact.

The improved connectivity between the two most populated cities on the island of Ireland will facilitate increased trade and business opportunities. The route will provide easier access for commuters, tourists, and businesses traveling between Belfast and Dublin, stimulating economic growth in both areas.

Additionally, the investment of £8.5m in the new bus route and fleet of coaches will create 40 new jobs in drivers, management, maintenance, and retail, benefiting the local economy.

The expansion of Dublin Express’ network across the UK will also attract more visitors to the region, boosting tourism and generating additional revenue for local businesses.

Overall, the new Belfast-Dublin route is expected to have a positive economic impact, promoting growth and development in the region.

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