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Ikea’s Exciting Expansion Reaches Northwest Ireland


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Ikea’s recent expansion into northwest Ireland has sparked interest and curiosity among both consumers and industry experts alike. The strategic location of the new ‘Plan and Order Point’ store in Sligo signifies a calculated move by the company to tap into an underserved market. With a reputation for innovative solutions and customer-centric approaches, Ikea’s entry into this region raises questions about the potential impact on local businesses and consumer preferences. As the Swedish furniture giant continues to make waves with its global expansion, the implications of this latest development in northwest Ireland are worth exploring further.

Ikea’s Expansion Highlights

With the opening of a new ‘Plan and Order Point’ store in Sligo next month, Ikea’s expansion into northwest Ireland marks a significant milestone in the retailer’s growth strategy. This move not only signifies Ikea’s first presence in the region but also showcases the company’s commitment to reaching new markets and providing accessibility to a wider customer base. By introducing a more localized shopping experience, Ikea aims to cater to the needs of customers residing in northwest Ireland, offering them a convenient location to explore and purchase a range of home furnishing solutions. This strategic expansion aligns with Ikea’s overarching goal of bringing Swedish design and affordable home solutions to diverse regions, further solidifying its position as a leading global retailer in the home furnishing industry.

Store Features and Offerings

The Sligo store will showcase a variety of home furnishing solutions, including six different kitchens and two PAX wardrobe options, catering to diverse customer needs. In addition to these offerings, customers can explore a dedicated home furnishings planning area and appliance studio. Specialized outlets within the store will provide bespoke kitchen and wardrobe planning services, ensuring tailored solutions for individual preferences. Customers can also access in-depth home furnishing advice and expertise from design specialists available for appointments and drop-ins. With a focus on personalized service and a wide range of options, the Sligo store aims to meet the diverse needs of its customers, offering thorough solutions for creating ideal living spaces.

Impact on The Canopy

The presence of Ikea’s new ‘Plan and Order Point’ store in Sligo, located within The Canopy shopping center, is expected to greatly enhance the center’s appeal as a premier shopping destination in the Northwest region of Ireland. Ikea’s arrival will solidify The Canopy’s position as a hub for shopping in the North West, offering exciting possibilities for home design and furnishing in Sligo. With the addition of Ikea’s renowned Swedish design and affordable home solutions, The Canopy is set to attract a wider customer base seeking quality and stylish furnishings. This collaboration presents a unique opportunity for residents in the area to access a diverse range of home products and services, positioning The Canopy as a go-to destination for all their shopping needs.

Martyn Allan’s Perspective

Martyn Allan, Ikea Ireland’s market manager, shares his insights on the company’s expansion into the northwest of Ireland. Allan expresses great enthusiasm for introducing Swedish design and affordable home solutions to new areas of Ireland, marking Ikea’s first-ever presence in the region. He highlights the convenience the new store will bring to customers living far from the Ballymun location, offering a hub for ordering various Ikea products like sofas and wardrobes. With the Sligo store set to open next month, Allan anticipates that it will cater to the growing demand for quality home furnishings in the region. Ikea’s successful track record globally, with the Dublin store being the best-selling worldwide last year, underlines the potential for a positive impact on the local market.

Store Operations and Services

Amidst Ikea’s expansion into Sligo, the retail giant’s new store will offer a variety of extensive operations and services to cater to customers’ home furnishing needs. Customers in Sligo can conveniently book appointments online for design consultations and order products from the full Ikea range for home delivery. Ikea’s ‘Plan and Order Points’ will provide specialized kitchen and wardrobe planning services to assist in designing, purchasing, and installing ideal kitchens and bedrooms. The store is set to open at 9 am on Friday, April 19, in Sligo’s The Canopy shopping center, ensuring easy access to Swedish design and affordable home solutions for customers in the northwest of Ireland.


To sum up, Ikea’s expansion into northwest Ireland signifies a pivotal moment in the company’s growth strategy, showcasing their dedication to reaching new markets and providing quality home furnishings to a wider customer base. The new ‘Plan and Order Point’ store in Sligo offers a range of solutions and specialized services, catering to the growing demand for stylish and functional furniture in the region. This expansion marks a significant milestone in Ikea’s commitment to accessibility and customer satisfaction.

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