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Debt Drama Unfolds in Eight Degrees Brewing


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The unfolding debt drama at Eight Degrees Brewing presents a complex financial landscape that has captured the attention of industry insiders. With substantial reported losses and mounting end-of-year debts, the brewery’s recent tumultuous financial standing has prompted questions about its future viability. However, amidst these challenges, the founders’ recent reacquisition of ownership signals a potential turning point for the company. As the brewery navigates its path forward, the interplay between financial restructuring and strategic planning presents a compelling narrative that observers are closely monitoring for its unfolding implications.

Debt Details and Financial Impact

The debt details and financial impact surrounding Eight Degrees Brewing reveal a significant loss of €867,600 in 2023, with a reserved loss of €968,300 and an end-of-year debt totaling €2.88m. This represents a substantial increase from the initial debt of €2.5m earlier in the year. The reported losses highlight the financial challenges the company faced throughout the year, raising concerns about its fiscal stability. Such figures indicate a need for strategic financial planning and management to steer the brewery back to profitability. Addressing these financial hurdles will be essential for Eight Degrees Brewing to secure its long-term sustainability and success in the competitive brewing industry.

Founders’ Reacquisition and Timeline

Founders Scott Baigent and Cameron Wallace reclaimed ownership of Eight Degrees Brewing in December 2023, marking a significant milestone in the company’s history. The business, originally established in 2010, had been sold to Irish Distillers in May 2018 in a reported multi-million euro deal. The reacquisition by Baigent and Wallace signifies a return to the company’s roots. While the exact sum for the reacquisition remains undisclosed, the founders are actively reconnecting with customers and planning the release of new beers in 2024. This move comes amidst the ongoing debt issues faced by Eight Degrees Brewing, with the founders emphasizing that the questions surrounding the debt are to be addressed by Irish Distillers, the former parent company of the brewery.

Irish Distillers’ Response and Business Operations

Irish Distillers’ reaction to the reacquisition of Eight Degrees Brewing by its founders remains undisclosed, while the brewery’s operations focus on customer engagement and new product launches. The company, based in Co Cork, is set to release new beers in 2024, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and growth. Despite the unresolved debt issue, Eight Degrees Brewing is actively re-engaging with customers post-acquisition, signaling a dedication to maintaining its brand presence and reputation. The founders, Scott Baigent and Cameron Wallace, have expressed their intent to address any lingering questions regarding the debt concerns, emphasizing their proactive approach in managing the business’s financial challenges. As Irish Distillers maintains its silence on the matter, Eight Degrees Brewing continues to drive forward with its strategic initiatives.


To sum up, Eight Degrees Brewing’s recent financial challenges have prompted a reevaluation of the company’s operations and strategic direction. The founders’ successful reacquisition of ownership marks a significant turning point in the brewery’s journey, as they aim to reconnect with customers and revitalize the business in 2024. With close observation of recovery efforts and ongoing business operations, the future of Eight Degrees Brewing remains uncertain but hopeful.

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