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Ikea Revolutionizes Irish Market With New Center


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The recent introduction of Ikea’s new logistics and distribution hub in Rathcoole, Dublin, has undoubtedly stirred anticipation within the Irish retail sector. This strategic move underscores Ikea’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and customer service, particularly by significantly reducing delivery times for Irish consumers.

The company’s focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility further adds a layer of intrigue to this development. The impact of this new center on the Irish market is poised to be substantial, signaling not just a change in logistics but potentially a broader transformation in the way consumers interact with this global retail giant.

Expansion Details

With its newly established logistics and distribution center in Rathcoole, Dublin, Ikea has made a significant expansion move into the Irish market. The center spans an impressive 27,000 square meters with a storage capacity of 20,000 cubic meters, aiming to reduce delivery times to Irish customers to three days. This strategic move will not only enhance customer experience but also provide employment opportunities to over 200 individuals.

Furthermore, Ikea has invested in six Irish plan and order points and has upgraded the Ballymun store, showcasing its commitment to improving its services and accessibility in Ireland. This expansion sets the stage for Ikea to solidify its presence in the Irish market and meet the growing demands of its customers efficiently.

Delivery Efficiency and Impact

Enhancing operational efficiency and customer service, Ikea anticipates a substantial increase in delivery volumes following the establishment of its new logistics and distribution center in Rathcoole, Dublin.

With expectations to make over 300,000 deliveries in the first year, rising to nearly 600,000 within five years, Ikea aims to deliver up to three million items annually from the center. This move will provide Irish customers with the shortest delivery times in Europe, as deliveries will no longer need to be dispatched from the UK, thereby enhancing accessibility.

Additionally, the distribution center is set to create 120 new jobs, contributing to the local economy and positively impacting customers with reduced delivery times.

Sustainability Commitment

Ikea’s new distribution center in Rathcoole, Dublin, showcases a steadfast commitment to sustainability through its zero-emission delivery pledge by August 2025. This initiative aligns with the Paris Agreement’s goals to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

The site is positioned as one of the most sustainable and energy-efficient logistics facilities in Ireland, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to reducing environmental impact. Transitioning to zero-emission vehicles for all deliveries across Ireland contributes significantly to this sustainable approach.


In conclusion, Ikea’s establishment of a logistics and distribution hub in Rathcoole, Dublin, signifies a significant advancement in the retail sector in Ireland. The enhanced delivery services and commitment to sustainability demonstrate Ikea’s dedication to meeting customer needs while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

This expansion not only improves operational efficiency but also exemplifies Ikea’s long-term commitment to growth and sustainability in the region.

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