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Homewares Sales Skyrocket as Bad Weather Batters Pubs


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In a surprising turn of events, homewares sales have experienced an impressive surge, outperforming all other sectors with an 18% increase. This notable trend in consumer spending can be attributed to adverse weather conditions, compelling individuals to spend more time indoors and focus on enhancing their living spaces.

As a result, pubs have taken a hit, experiencing a decrease in sales. This shift in consumer behavior sheds light on evolving preferences and offers valuable insights into the state of the Irish economy.

Increase in Spending on Homewares

How significantly did spending on homewares contribute to the overall daily spending rise of 1% from July?

According to the data, spending on homewares experienced a remarkable increase of 18% in August, making it the sector with the largest growth. This surge in spending can be attributed to factors such as unfavorable weather conditions, which forced individuals to spend more time indoors.

Additionally, residents from Clare contributed the most to the rise in homeware spending. It is worth noting that this increase in homeware spending played a significant role in the overall daily spending rise of 1% from July.

This suggests that consumers are prioritizing the improvement and enhancement of their living spaces, which in turn contributes to the overall growth in consumer spending.

Online Spending Trends

The rise in online spending has been consistent, with a 15% increase in August compared to the same month last year, indicating a growing trend in consumer behavior. This surge in online spending highlights the evolving preferences of consumers and the increasing significance of e-commerce in the retail landscape.

To paint a clearer picture, here are five key observations related to online spending trends:

  • Despite a slight decrease last month, online spending has been steadily increasing over time.
  • Online spending plays a significant role in overall consumer spending patterns.
  • The data, gathered from 70 million debt and credit transactions, reflects both in-store and online purchases.
  • Online spending is a vital driver of economic growth and expansion in various sectors.
  • The 15% year-on-year increase in online spending demonstrates the continued shift towards digital channels for purchasing goods and services.

Impact on Hotels and Restaurants

Spending in hotels rose 2% in the final month of the school holidays. This increase is a positive sign for the hotel industry. On the other hand, restaurant spending was up by just 1%, which may raise concerns about slower growth in this sector. However, it is worth noting that restaurant spending is up 10% year-on-year, which indicates a positive trend. Additionally, spending in restaurants rose 15% in the year, suggesting a sustained upward trajectory. The lower growth in restaurant spending could be attributed to consumers opting to stay closer to home after the summer season. This is supported by the 5% decrease in spending on airline travel in August. Overall, these spending trends highlight the varying impacts on different sectors of the economy.

Health and Beauty Purchases on the Rise

The surge in health and beauty purchases reflects a growing emphasis on self-care and personal well-being. This trend is evident in the following ways:

  • Consumers are prioritizing their well-being and appearance by investing in health and beauty products.
  • The health and beauty sector is experiencing growth in consumer spending, indicating a positive market outlook.
  • The rise in health and beauty purchases contributes to the overall spending trends, showcasing the importance of this category in the retail industry.
  • Increased awareness about the benefits of self-care and personal well-being is driving the demand for health and beauty products.
  • The availability of a wide range of products and options in the health and beauty market is attracting consumers to invest in these purchases.

As individuals continue to value self-care and personal well-being, the health and beauty industry is likely to witness further growth and innovation in the coming years.

Other Spending Trends

Charity spend increased by 14% in the year to August, showcasing a notable trend in philanthropy. This rise in charitable spending indicates a growing emphasis on giving back to society and supporting various causes.

It is encouraging to see individuals and organizations increasingly dedicating their resources to helping those in need. This trend reflects a sense of social responsibility and a desire to make a positive impact on the world.

As philanthropy continues to gain momentum, it is crucial for charities to effectively communicate their mission and impact to attract donors. Additionally, transparency and accountability in the management of charitable funds are essential to maintain public trust.

Overall, the increase in charity spend highlights a collective effort to address social issues and create a better future for all.


In conclusion, the surge in homewares sales during August, driven by adverse weather conditions, highlights a shift in consumer behavior towards enhancing their living spaces.

Additionally, the consistent growth of online spending demonstrates its significant role in the consumer spending landscape.

The modest increases in hotel and restaurant spending suggest a preference for local leisure activities, while the rise in health and beauty purchases indicates a heightened focus on personal well-being.

These trends paint a vivid picture of evolving consumer preferences and provide insights into the state of various sectors within the Irish economy.

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