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Cork’s PMD Solutions Joins NHS Support Programme


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PMD Solutions, a medical company based in Cork, has recently become a participant in a 12-month accelerator programme aimed at supporting the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

Founded in 2011, PMD Solutions specializes in respiratory rate monitoring, with its device having gained significant traction during the Covid-19 pandemic. This device, which measures the mechanics of respiration, is capable of detecting early indications of respiratory distress, sepsis, and respiratory failure.

Out of a pool of 17 digital health companies, PMD Solutions has been selected to be part of this accelerator programme, which provides guidance and assistance to companies that have the potential to address the challenges faced by the NHS and social care systems. The programme is financially backed by the Health Innovation Network and the UK Government.

PMD Solutions’ involvement in this initiative has been facilitated by DigitalHealth.London, overseen by Programme Director Sara Nelson. The company is eager to lend its support to NHS London Trusts by offering its respiratory rate monitoring device.

What is PMD Solutions?

PMD Solutions, a Cork-based medical company founded in 2011, specializes in respiratory rate monitoring and has developed a device widely used during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The device, selected as one of the 17 digital health companies for the accelerator programme, is designed to alert hospital staff to early signs of respiratory distress. It measures the mechanics of respiration and is also utilized to detect cases of sepsis and respiratory failure.

By continuously monitoring respiratory rates, the device provides valuable information for healthcare professionals, allowing for early intervention and improved patient outcomes.

PMD Solutions looks forward to supporting the NHS London Trusts through its participation in the accelerator programme. This programme, funded by the Health Innovation Network and the UK Government, provides support and guidance to digital health companies with high potential to address NHS and social care challenges.

Accelerator Programme Details

The accelerator programme, described as a competitive 12-month initiative, provides support, advice, workshops, and events to digital health companies with high potential to address NHS and social care challenges.

Funded by the Health Innovation Network and UK Government, the programme has previously supported 143 digital health companies. It aims to assist these companies in meeting the specific challenges of the healthcare sector.

The programme offers a range of resources and opportunities for growth, including mentoring, networking, and access to experts in the field.

By participating in the programme, PMD Solutions and the other selected companies have the opportunity to further develop their products and services in order to better support healthcare providers, such as the NHS, in delivering high-quality care to patients.

Benefits of Joining

Participating in the accelerator programme offers digital health companies the opportunity to enhance their products and services, enabling them to better assist healthcare providers in delivering high-quality care to patients.

For PMD Solutions, joining the programme means gaining access to support, advice, workshops, and events provided by the Health Innovation Network and the UK Government. This support will help PMD Solutions navigate the challenges of the healthcare industry and develop their respiratory rate monitoring device further.

Additionally, being part of the programme allows PMD Solutions to collaborate with other digital health companies, fostering a network of innovation and knowledge-sharing.

The accelerator programme, facilitated by DigitalHealth.London, is highly competitive, and being selected as one of the 17 companies is a testament to PMD Solutions’ potential in the digital health space.

Overall, the benefits of joining the accelerator programme for PMD Solutions include valuable resources, guidance, and the opportunity for growth and collaboration in the healthcare industry.

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