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Christmas Budgets Blown: Majority of Irish Shoppers Overspend


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The festive season brings joy and excitement, but it also presents a challenge for many Irish shoppers – sticking to their Christmas budget.

Recent statistics reveal that a significant majority, approximately 71% of people, set a budget for their holiday expenditures. However, it is disheartening to note that an even higher percentage, 74% of individuals, end up exceeding their predetermined budget. What’s even more concerning is that 77% of shoppers find ways to justify their overspending.

In this article, we will delve into the spending habits of Irish consumers, examine the concerns they face during the Christmas shopping season, and explore the impact of budget constraints on their holiday activities. Additionally, we will highlight the importance of completing Christmas shopping early.

Christmas Budget Statistics in Ireland

When examining Christmas budget statistics in Ireland, it is clear that a significant majority of Irish shoppers exceed their planned spending.

According to recent data, 74% of people in Ireland exceed their budget during the festive season, highlighting a concerning trend of overspending.

This statistic reveals a lack of financial discipline among Irish consumers when it comes to managing their expenses during Christmas.

While setting a budget is a step in the right direction, it is crucial for individuals to exercise restraint and adhere to their planned spending limits.

Failure to do so can lead to financial strain and potentially contribute to debt accumulation.

It is important for shoppers to be mindful of their financial limitations and prioritize responsible spending during the holiday season.

Shopping Procrastination by County

Shopping procrastination by county in Ireland varies, with Monaghan having the highest percentage of people who wait until after 20th December to buy gifts. According to recent statistics, 50% of individuals in Monaghan postpone their gift purchases until the last minute.

Following closely is Offaly, where 29% of people procrastinate their shopping, and Kerry, with 28% of individuals postponing their gift purchases.

Cavan also exhibits a significant number of procrastinators, with 27% of people waiting until after 20th December to buy presents.

These findings highlight the varying shopping behaviours across different counties in Ireland during the Christmas season. It is essential for individuals to plan their shopping in advance to avoid the stress and rush associated with last-minute purchases.

Concerns of Shoppers Ahead of Christmas.

One significant aspect to consider when discussing the concerns of shoppers ahead of Christmas is the apprehension felt by a majority of Irish shoppers. According to recent statistics, 62% of shoppers in Ireland are worried about delivery times for their presents. This concern stems from the increased reliance on online shopping and the potential for delays during the busy holiday season.

Additionally, 61% of shoppers express concern about overspending, indicating a growing awareness of the need to stick to a budget and avoid financial strain. Another worry for Irish shoppers is the fear of being scammed, with 57% expressing this concern. As online shopping continues to rise in popularity, shoppers are becoming increasingly cautious about the security of their personal and financial information.

These concerns highlight the need for retailers to address these issues and provide reassurance to their customers.

Effect of Budget on Christmas Activities

The impact of the budget on Christmas activities is a significant concern for shoppers in Ireland. This is evidenced by the 25% of people who choose to skip their work Christmas party in order to have more money for spending. This decision reflects the financial strain that many Irish shoppers face during the holiday season.

Setting a budget is a common practice, with 71% of people in Ireland doing so. However, a staggering 74% of people exceed their budget, perhaps due to the pressure to buy gifts and create memorable experiences for loved ones. Despite this, 77% of people justify their overspending, indicating a willingness to prioritise the joy of Christmas over financial constraints.

It is clear that striking a balance between budgeting and enjoying the festive season remains a challenge for many Irish shoppers.

Importance of Finishing Christmas Shopping Early

The importance of completing your Christmas shopping ahead of time cannot be overstated. By doing so, you can avoid the last-minute rush and stress that often accompanies this festive season.

There are several benefits to finishing your Christmas shopping early. Firstly, it allows you to have a more relaxed and enjoyable holiday season. Instead of frantically trying to find gifts in crowded stores, you can spend your time engaging in festive activities with friends and family.

Additionally, finishing your Christmas shopping early gives you the opportunity to find the perfect gifts. You can take your time to consider the preferences and interests of your loved ones and select thoughtful presents that they will truly appreciate. This thoughtful approach to gift-giving is more likely to bring

Completing Christmas shopping ahead of time is crucial for British shoppers, ensuring a stress-free and well-prepared holiday season. According to a recent study, 57% of people in the UK aim to have their Christmas shopping done by mid-December. This statistic highlights the importance of finishing shopping early to avoid the last-minute rush and potential stress that comes with it.

By completing shopping early, shoppers can take advantage of better deals, avoid crowded shops, and ensure that they have ample time to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Furthermore, early shopping allows for more thoughtful and deliberate gift choices, as shoppers have the time to consider each recipient’s preferences and needs.


In the hustle and bustle of the festive season, British shoppers find themselves struggling to stick to their Christmas budgets. Despite setting a budget, a large majority end up exceeding it, often justifying their overspending.

Shopping procrastination is also prevalent, with many individuals leaving gift purchases until the last minute. Concerns about delivery times, overspending, and scams add to the stress of the season. Budget constraints even lead some to skip work parties.

As the importance of finishing Christmas shopping early is emphasised, it is clear that managing finances during this time requires careful planning and discipline.

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