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Waterford’s Cutting-Edge Digital Election Platform Unveiled


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Waterford’s recent introduction of a cutting-edge digital election platform, in collaboration with Esri Ireland, marks a significant leap in modernizing the electoral process. By offering citizens detailed information in multiple languages, personalized updates based on Eircode inputs, and utilizing advanced digital mapping systems for accuracy, the platform sets a new standard for voter engagement and transparency. This innovative approach not only streamlines access to critical electoral data but also hints at a broader trend reshaping the intersection of technology and civic participation.

Platform Features

The state-of-the-art digital election platform introduced by Waterford incorporates a sophisticated digital mapping system by Esri Ireland to offer detailed information on elections for 127,000 citizens. Utilizing Esri’s dedicated technology, the platform shares insights on existing representatives and candidates, advises on voting and registration, and provides users with the ability to enter their Eircode for updates on their electoral area and representatives. Additionally, the platform offers directions to the allocated polling station, interactive maps for download, and is updated daily with the register of electors’ information. Available in both Irish and English, this platform by Waterford aims to enhance voter accessibility and engagement in the electoral process.

User Accessibility

Enhancing user interaction and engagement, the Waterford digital election platform offers multiple accessibility features for citizens. By enabling users to enter their Eircode, the platform provides tailored updates on their electoral area and representatives. Additionally, citizens can easily access directions to their allocated polling station through interactive maps available for download. The platform guarantees up-to-date information by daily updates of the register of electors’ data. To cater to a wider audience, the platform is available in both Irish and English languages. These user-friendly features aim to simplify the electoral process and empower citizens to participate actively in elections by providing necessary information and guidance at their fingertips.

Improving Electoral Accuracy

Utilizing advanced technology, the Waterford digital election platform enhances the accuracy of the electoral process through systematic identification of errors and discrepancies. By leveraging digital mapping systems provided by Esri Ireland, the platform can pinpoint homes that are incorrectly assigned to the wrong electoral area and detect inaccuracies in Eircode entries. This meticulous approach guarantees that voter information remains precise and accessible, facilitating a smoother voting experience for citizens. Additionally, the platform’s planned online dashboards for post-election result updates will further contribute to maintaining electoral accuracy and transparency. Overall, these features underscore Waterford’s commitment to improving the integrity and reliability of the electoral system through innovative technological solutions.

Local Community Impact

With a focus on fostering community engagement and participation, Waterford’s cutting-edge digital election platform has made a significant impact on local residents. By demystifying the voting process, the platform has empowered citizens to participate more actively in the democratic process. This technology has also facilitated local candidates in connecting with households, creating a more direct line of communication between representatives and the community they serve. The platform’s flexibility to scale with council capabilities and the ease of configuring the hub have been instrumental in enhancing community involvement. Waterford’s digital election platform aims to remove barriers to participation, ultimately strengthening the bond between local government and its residents.

Esri Ireland Information

Esri Ireland, a key player in the digital mapping industry, operates as part of the Esri Global Network with its Irish office based in Dublin. As a pivotal collaborator with Waterford City and County Council, Esri Ireland brings substantial expertise and resources to the development of the cutting-edge digital election platform. Here are some key points about Esri Ireland:

  • Part of Esri Global Network
  • Private software company employing nearly 10,000 people globally
  • Irish office located in Dublin
  • Head of sales is Dermot OKane
  • Collaborates closely with Waterford City and County Council

These factors highlight the significant role Esri Ireland plays in advancing digital solutions for electoral processes and civic engagement.


To sum up, Waterford’s digital election platform, developed in collaboration with Esri Ireland, has greatly enhanced the electoral process by providing detailed information for citizens, improving accuracy through digital mapping systems, and empowering active community participation. The platform’s user-friendly features and daily updates of the register of electors’ data demonstrate a commitment to transparency and efficiency in local government. This innovative platform sets a new standard for electoral processes and community engagement.

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