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Vodafone Business Boosts Irish ICT Solutions Investment


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Vodafone Business’ substantial investment in Irish ICT solutions signifies a pivotal moment in the country’s technological advancement. The infusion of €35m over four years is poised to reshape the landscape, with a notable focus on job creation and skill development.

The strategic allocation of funds aims to elevate digital operations, sales, and innovative solutions, underscoring a dedication to enhancing enterprise capabilities. As Vodafone Business propels forward, the implications for Ireland’s business ecosystem and technological progression are poised to be substantial, setting the stage for a compelling transformation in the ICT sector.

Investment Details

Vodafone Business has allocated €35 million for investment in ICT solutions in Ireland over a span of four years. An initial €16 million is earmarked for skills enhancement and resource development within the current year. This investment aims to create 120 new jobs, with 70 of these positions expected to be filled by 2024.

The roles will focus on digital operations, digital sales, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The investment will also facilitate the expansion of existing ICT capabilities, including SaaS, cybersecurity, and unified communications.

This strategic move underscores Vodafone’s commitment to fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and meeting the evolving technological needs of businesses in Ireland.

Business Impact

The initiative by Vodafone Business to invest €35 million in ICT solutions in Ireland is poised to significantly impact the digital landscape for businesses in the country.

With over 7,000 businesses in Ireland already benefiting from digital advice provided by Vodafone, the new investment will further enhance the tailored solutions offered to meet increasing customer demands.

This strategic focus on enterprise growth, regional development, and digital transformation aligns with the broader goal of improving efficiencies and data security for businesses of all sizes.

The support for this initiative from the Minister for Enterprise, Trade, and Employment underscores its potential to drive positive change and innovation within the Irish business community.

Customer Base

With a customer base of 2.3 million in Ireland, Vodafone Business plays a pivotal role in providing essential communication services and ICT solutions to businesses of all sizes. Employing over 2,000 people directly and indirectly in the country, Vodafone offers services such as voice messaging, data, fixed communications, and cloud-based platforms.

The company is committed to investing €500m in the network, ensuring reliable and advanced services for its vast customer base. Additionally, Vodafone provides professional ICT support tailored to meet the diverse needs of companies operating in various industries.

Service Offerings

Enhancing operational efficiencies and data security through a range of advanced solutions is a core focus of Vodafone Business’s service offerings. Vodafone provides a comprehensive suite of services including voice messaging, data, fixed communications, cloud-based platforms, and professional ICT support.

With an emphasis on optimal technology solutions for businesses, Vodafone continuously invests in network infrastructure to ensure reliable and secure services. By tailoring solutions to meet evolving business needs, Vodafone is committed to facilitating enterprise growth, regional development, and digital transformation.

The company’s dedication to enhancing efficiencies and data security underscores its commitment to providing top-notch services that align with the future of work and the ever-changing technological landscape.


In conclusion, Vodafone Business is making a strategic investment of €35m over four years to enhance Ireland’s ICT landscape.

With €16m allocated towards skills and resources in the current year, the initiative is expected to create 120 new jobs by 2024.

This expansion will introduce new roles in digital operations, sales, SaaS, and IoT solutions, further strengthening Vodafone’s position as a leading connectivity provider for over 7,000 Irish businesses.

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