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Ronan Group Challenges Dublin Council on Citigroup Redevelopment


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The clash between Ronan Group Real Estate and Dublin City Council over the Citigroup redevelopment project in the Docklands has sparked debates on urban planning strategies and commercial property dynamics. As RGRE presses forward with their innovative vision for a 17-storey mixed-use development, including a unique 16th-floor gallery, questions arise about the balance between modernization and preservation in Dublin’s evolving landscape. The implications of this dispute extend beyond mere construction plans, shedding light on broader considerations of architectural heritage, economic growth, and community integration.

Development Project Details

Certainly, the contested development project in Dublin’s Docklands involves RGRE challenging Dublin City Council’s rejection of a 17-storey mixed-use scheme for the redevelopment of Citigroup’s European headquarters at 1 North Wall Quay. An appeal has been lodged by RGRE to An Bord Pleanála against the council’s refusal, with plans for the demolition of Citigroup’s six-storey office building to make way for four new buildings ranging from 9 to 17 storeys. NWQ Devco Limited has requested an oral hearing from An Bord Pleanála to further elucidate the project. This development project signifies a significant transformation in the Docklands area, with potential implications for Dublin’s urban landscape and economic growth.

Proposed Public Gain

The proposed public gain of the contested development project includes the introduction of a 16th-floor interactive gallery named Liffey Experience, offering panoramic views of Dublin and aiming to become a significant visitor center and tourist attraction. This addition is seen as a valuable enhancement to the cityscape, with the potential to attract tourists and locals alike. The Liffey Experience is expected to provide visitors with a unique perspective of Dublin, showcasing the city’s beauty and landmarks from a new vantage point. By offering this interactive gallery, the development project seeks to not only enrich the cultural and tourism offerings of Dublin but also contribute positively to the overall appeal and vibrancy of the city.

Planning Permission Request

Applying for a 10-year planning permission due to construction complexities, the development project at Citigroup’s European headquarters on 1 North Wall Quay faces challenges amidst current supply chain impacts on the construction industry. The request for an extended planning permission duration is essential to navigate the intricate nature of the proposed redevelopment, including the demolition of Citigroup’s existing office building and the construction of multiple new structures ranging from 9 to 17 storeys. Documentation supporting the application, including a concise three-page legal submission by Arthur Cox LLP, emphasizes the need for exceptional circumstances to be considered in the decision-making process. Failure to acknowledge these complexities could hinder the project’s progress and outcome, highlighting the importance of a thorough and meticulous planning approach.

Legal Submissions Analysis

Upon thorough examination of the legal submissions provided by Arthur Cox LLP and John Spain & Associates, it is evident that a strong case has been made for the examination of exceptional circumstances in the decision-making process regarding the Citigroup redevelopment project at 1 North Wall Quay in Dublin.

  1. Detailed Legal Arguments: Both firms presented exhaustive legal arguments supporting the need for exceptional circumstances to be taken into account.
  2. Emphasis on Decision Impact: The legal submissions highlighted the potential negative impact of failing to take exceptional circumstances into consideration on the overall decision-making process.
  3. Dublin City Council’s Oversight: The lack of engagement by Dublin City Council in analyzing exceptional circumstances was underscored in the submissions.
  4. Need for a Fair Evaluation: The legal documents stressed the importance of a fair and thorough assessment of all relevant factors to prevent a flawed decision-making process.

Commercial Property Market Insights

Insights into the commercial property market reveal significant shifts in the mid-western office sector outperforming the capital and notable trends shaping property development decisions. The mid-western office market is showing stronger performance compared to Dublin, indicating a potential change in investment opportunities. Additionally, a nine-acre site in Kildare with planning permission available for €350,000 highlights the availability of development opportunities outside major urban centers. The shift of financing from traditional banks to funds in the commercial property sector signifies evolving dynamics influencing property development decisions. These factors, coupled with current market dynamics, are instrumental in guiding property development and investment trends, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and adaptable in the ever-changing commercial property landscape.


To wrap up, RGRE’s challenge to Dublin City Council’s rejection of their 17-storey development project underscores the importance of a thorough planning approach and the recognition of unique circumstances in the commercial property market. The proposed Liffey Experience gallery aims to enhance Dublin’s cityscape and attract visitors, contributing to the city’s cultural and economic growth. The legal submissions made by RGRE highlight the need for a balanced consideration of public benefits and development opportunities in urban planning decisions.

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