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Robo Riots 2023 – The Ultimate Robot Combat Experience


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Robo Riots, Dublin’s thrilling live robot combat event, is set to bring the awe-inspiring robots from BBC’s critically acclaimed TV show, Robot Wars, to a live battle arena in Dublin, unleashing a mechanical war over two electrifying days, October 7th & 8th. This interactive family show is fuelled by the adrenaline rush as legendary machines like Thor, Diotoir, Ripper, and KingB lock horns in a spectacular display across four exhilarating shows at the National Basketball Arena. For over two decades, Robo Riots have been delivering fan favourite robot battle shows in Dublin. Experience the excitement, the chaos, and the futuristic world of robotic sports like never before!

Collision of Metallic Titans

Witness the colossal clash between the formidable and technologically advanced robots from Robot Wars. Teams travel from across Ireland and the UK to battle it out across the weekend. Robot fans will marvel at the strength and speed of next-generation warriors such as Thor and Diotoir, as they engage in high-octane battles against seasoned veterans like Ripper and KingB, turning the bulletproof battle arena into a symphony of metal, sparks, and destruction.

A Battle for Supremacy

These metallic gladiators are not just fighting for glory; they are in pursuit of the ultimate goal— to destroy or incapacitate their adversaries and reign supreme in the realm of Robot Combat Sports. This event stands as the pioneering full-length heavyweight combat robot tournament of its scale in Ireland, marking a milestone in robotic sports history.

Behind the Scene Maestros

Robo Riots is meticulously organised by the acclaimed Robot Wars Irish team, the masterminds behind the iconic combat robot Diotoir, with the brilliant Irish Roboticist Peter Redmond at the helm. Reflecting on the essence of the event, Redmond commented: “Robot battling is more than a spectacle; it is the sport of the future, encapsulating mad science, gladiatorial combat, brilliant garage inventors, and cutting-edge machinery.”

Diverse Robotic Ensemble

Beyond the thrilling combat, the event also features a star-studded line-up of celebrity robots, including the legendary R2-D2, a Dalek, a Minecraft creeper, and AL-1X – Robo Riots’ unique celebrity robot, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience for all attendees. Additionally, seven-foot boxing robots will exchange blows in a no-holds-barred duel, delivering an unprecedented level of excitement.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the excitement of live robot combat. Bring friends and family to a truly unique event in Dublin. .

Tickets and Show Details:

Tickets are available from roboriots.ie, priced from 20 euros plus fees.

  • Saturday, 7th October: 12 pm and 4 pm
  • Sunday, 8th October: 12 pm and 4 pm
  • Show Duration: Approximately 2 hours each

Book your tickets now and ensure your place in an event where engineering and entertainment come together for a thrilling display of battling robots. 

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