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Revolut, a digital banking service provider, is launching joint accounts in Europe to provide customers with more financial flexibility


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Revolut, a global financial app, has launched a new product for customers across Europe – the joint account. This allows two people to become account owners.

This is the latest offering from the fintech company, which has been adding to its product range for Irish customers. They now provide Irish IBANS, credit cards, and car insurance.

The joint accounts are suitable for partners, family members, or friends. It also includes a group version of Revolut Chat, the app’s instant messaging tool.

Opening an account with someone else does not require any explanation, or proof of living together. According to Dmitry Zlokazov, Revolut’s Head of Product, these joint accounts and group chats make it easier to handle money matters with those who share our financial life.

Revolut conducted a survey and found that nearly 60% of Europeans were interested in using a joint account to manage expenses with a partner. 32% wanted to use it as their sole account, and more than 25% wanted to use it in addition to their private account.

The app’s update also includes home screen shortcuts and group instant messaging for splitting bills and sending money to multiple people simultaneously.

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