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Primark’s Sales Soar Despite Mild Autumn Weather


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Despite warm autumn weather impacting initial sales, Primark has reported a strong surge in sales, demonstrating its resilience in the face of challenging conditions. With a 2.1% increase in like-for-like sales and a remarkable 7.9% rise in total revenues, the company has managed to overcome the obstacles posed by the unseasonable weather.

This success can be attributed to several factors, including higher average selling prices, the popularity of Christmas ranges, and successful collaborations with artists like Rita Ora. However, there is more to this story than meets the eye.

As Primark continues to navigate potential disruptions caused by recent Red Sea shipping attacks, it remains to be seen how the company will sustain its growth trajectory and maintain its strong performance in Europe and the US.

Sales Growth During Warm Autumn Weather

Despite the warm autumn weather, Primark experienced sales growth during this period. The retailer saw a 2.1% increase in sales on a like-for-like basis in the 16 weeks leading up to 6th January. Total revenues were also up by 7.9%.

This growth can be attributed to higher average selling prices and strong demand for the Christmas ranges and collaborations, such as the one with singer Rita Ora. Initially, the warm weather had an impact on sales, but the strong growth in the run-up to Christmas helped to offset this.

Primark’s ability to generate sales growth despite challenging weather conditions demonstrates the resilience and popularity of the brand. This positive performance sets a strong foundation for future growth and reinforces Primark’s position as a leading player in the retail industry.

Effect of Collaborations and Christmas Ranges

The success of Primark’s partnerships and Christmas collections played a crucial role in boosting sales and driving revenue growth. Despite the warm autumn weather initially affecting sales, the strong demand for their Christmas collections and partnerships, such as the one with singer Rita Ora, helped to counterbalance the impact.

Primark experienced a sales growth of 2.1% on a comparable basis in the 16 weeks to January 6th, with total revenues up 7.9%. The higher average selling prices also contributed to the increase in sales.

These partnerships and seasonal collections have proven to be a successful strategy for Primark, enabling them to attract customers and increase their sales despite challenging weather conditions.

Resilience of Supply Chain Amidst Shipping Attacks

Primark’s ability to maintain a robust supply chain amidst recent shipping attacks indicates its strong commitment to monitoring and addressing potential disruptions. Despite concerns raised by many rivals about stock delays and cost increases due to the Red Sea shipping attacks, AB Foods, the parent company of Primark, does not expect significant disruption to its supply chain.

The company is closely monitoring the situation, but remains confident in its ability to navigate any potential challenges. Additionally, improvements in profitability across the Primark business are expected to help mitigate any additional costs of supply.

AB Foods’ confidence in its supply chain resilience amidst shipping attacks demonstrates its proactive approach to ensuring uninterrupted operations and continued growth.

Performance in Europe and the UK

Sales performance in Europe and the US highlights the different trends and challenges faced by Primark in different regions. While comparable sales in Europe saw a modest increase of 1.3%, certain countries were affected by local economic difficulties and strong trading from the previous year.

In contrast, the US demonstrated strong performance with total sales increasing by 45%, mainly due to the opening of new stores. This emphasizes the potential for growth and expansion in the US market.

However, overall trading in Europe was more inconsistent compared to other regions, indicating the need for Primark to address the challenges and adjust its strategies accordingly.

The differing performance in these regions emphasizes the importance of understanding local dynamics and consumer preferences to ensure long-term success in different markets.

AB Foods’ Overall Group-Wide Progress and Outlook

AB Foods’ overall group-wide progress and outlook demonstrate a positive trajectory and a confident approach to navigating challenges and driving profitability.

Primark’s sales growth, with a 2.1% increase on a like-for-like basis and total revenues up 7.9%, played a significant role in the group’s overall revenue growth. Despite initial challenges from warm autumn weather, Primark’s strong growth in the run-up to Christmas helped offset the impact.

AB Foods remains optimistic about the future, expecting meaningful progress in profitability. The company’s performance in the US, driven by new store openings, is a positive sign. However, AB Foods remains cautious about economic challenges in certain European countries and is focused on addressing potential supply chain disruptions.


In conclusion, Primark has shown resilience and strong sales growth, even in the face of mild autumn weather. The company’s success can be attributed to higher average selling prices and strong demand for partnerships and Christmas collections.

Despite concerns about potential disruptions to the supply chain, Primark is confident in its ability to overcome challenges. With a focus on profitability and ongoing progress, Primark is optimistic about its future prospects and sustained growth path.

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