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Plum App Introduces Exciting ETF Investment Options


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Plum app’s recent introduction of a diverse selection of ETF investment options has stirred interest among investors looking to broaden their portfolios. The strategic collaboration with Upvest to introduce Euro-denominated ETFs signals a forward-thinking approach catering to the evolving needs of the market. With a focus on risk diversification and accessibility, Plum’s curated lineup of over 40 funds offers a compelling avenue for those seeking exposure to European markets and currencies. This move not only expands Plum’s investment offerings but also opens avenues for potential growth and portfolio enhancement, presenting a promising prospect for investors seeking to enhance their financial strategies.

Plum’s Expanded ETF Investment Portfolio

Plum’s enhanced ETF investment selection in Ireland signifies a strategic move towards diversifying wealth-building opportunities for customers. With over 40 carefully chosen ETFs available for investment starting from just €1, Plum aims to cater to Irish savers seeking innovative and high-quality investment options. Partnering with Berlin-based fintech Upvest, Plum offers Euro-denominated ETFs alongside traditional US stock options. The Easy ETF range features three globally diversified ETFs tailored to different risk levels, providing customers with a thorough investment experience. By expanding its ETF portfolio, Plum addresses the demand for accessible and clear investment options in Ireland, further solidifying its position as a provider of diverse wealth-building products for its growing customer base.

Innovative Euro-Denominated ETF Options

With a wide range of Euro-denominated ETF options, investors can access innovative investment opportunities through Plum’s partnership with Upvest in Ireland. Plum’s collaboration with Upvest allows customers to invest in Euro-denominated ETFs, enhancing their investment portfolios with a diverse range of options beyond traditional US stocks. These Euro-denominated ETFs cater to investors seeking exposure to European markets and currencies, offering a unique avenue for diversification. By providing access to these innovative ETFs, Plum addresses the demand for high-quality investment products in Ireland. This strategic move aligns with Plum’s goal of offering a complete suite of wealth-building solutions, catering to the evolving needs of Irish savers seeking accessible and clear investment options.

Diversified ETFs for Different Risk Levels

Investors can customize their investment portfolios by selecting from Plum’s Easy ETF range, which offers three globally diversified ETFs tailored to different risk levels. These ETFs provide investors with the opportunity to adjust their risk exposure based on their individual risk tolerance and investment goals. The diversified nature of these ETFs helps spread risk across various asset classes and regions, reducing the impact of volatility in any single market. For investors seeking lower risk options, there are ETFs with a focus on stable, established markets. On the other hand, for those willing to take on more risk in pursuit of higher returns, there are ETFs that include exposure to emerging markets or sectors with growth potential.

Access to Over 40 Selected Funds

In addition to offering access to over 40 carefully selected funds, Plum app expands its investment options to provide customers with a diverse range of investment opportunities. These selected funds cover a wide spectrum of assets, including commodities and diverse securities, allowing investors to tailor their portfolios to their specific risk levels and investment preferences. With the Easy ETF range comprising three globally diversified ETFs designed for different risk profiles, Plum caters to varying investor needs. Additionally, through Pro and Premium subscriptions, customers gain access to an extensive selection of over 40 funds, such as the S&P 500 US and Artificial Intelligence ETFs. This broad range of fund options showcases Plum’s commitment to offering high-quality and varied investment opportunities for its users.

Building Wealth With Plum ETFS

Plum app’s wide range of ETF investment options presents a strategic opportunity for investors looking to build wealth through tailored portfolios and high-quality fund selections. With over 40 carefully selected ETFs available for investment starting from just €1, Plum offers customers a chance to diversify their portfolios and access assets ranging from commodities to diverse securities. The Easy ETF range, including three globally diversified ETFs for varying risk levels, caters to different investor preferences. By partnering with Upvest, Plum guarantees Euro-denominated ETF offerings, complementing its existing stock investing and interest products. This complete suite of wealth-building options aligns with the increasing demand for innovative and accessible investment opportunities in Ireland.


To sum up, Plum app’s expanded ETF investment portfolio offers a diverse range of Euro-denominated ETF options for investors in Ireland. With over 40 carefully selected funds tailored to different risk levels, users can customize their portfolios to spread risk across asset classes and regions. This innovative approach aligns with Plum’s goal of providing accessible and diversified wealth-building opportunities for its users.

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