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Meta Takes Bold Measures to Protect Teenagers on Facebook and Instagram


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In a move that emphasises its commitment to ensuring the safety of younger users, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has recently revealed a series of bold measures aimed at protecting teenagers on its platforms.

With the implementation of stricter content control settings, particularly concerning self-harm and suicide-related content, Meta is taking proactive steps to shield teenagers from potentially harmful material.

Furthermore, additional restrictions in the Search feature on Instagram will be introduced, making it more difficult for teenagers to come across sensitive content or accounts.

However, these changes are just the tip of the iceberg. Meta’s dedication to the well-being of its younger users is evident in its plan to send notifications, reminding teenagers to review and update their privacy settings.

By gradually implementing these measures over the coming months, Meta aims to foster a safer environment for teenagers to navigate in the digital realm.

But what exactly do these changes involve, and how will they impact the overall user experience? Let’s delve further into the details to understand the full extent of Meta’s commitment to protecting teenagers on Facebook and Instagram.

Changes to Content Visibility for Teenagers

In an endeavour to enhance the safety and well-being of teenagers on Facebook and Instagram, Meta has implemented significant changes to the visibility of content for this age group.

These changes aim to protect teenagers from potentially harmful or sensitive content. Facebook and Instagram are now hiding more types of content for teenagers, including posts discussing personal struggles with self-harm or suicide.

All users under the age of 18 will be placed in the most restrictive content control settings, making it more difficult for them to come across such content.

Additional terms in Search on Instagram will also be restricted.

These new measures will be rolled out gradually on both platforms over the coming months, ensuring a safer experience for younger users.

Restricted Content Settings for Teenagers

To enhance the safety and protection of teenagers on Facebook and Instagram, Meta has implemented stricter content control settings for all users under the age of 18. Previously, these settings only applied to new users, but now they have been extended to include all teenagers. These settings make it more challenging for users to encounter sensitive content or accounts that may be harmful or inappropriate.

The restrictions apply to the Explore sections on both Instagram and Facebook, guaranteeing that teenagers are protected from potentially harmful content. The introduction of these measures will occur gradually, happening over the next few months.

Dealing with Self-Harm and Suicide Content

Meta’s commitment to ensuring the safety and protection of teenagers on Facebook and Instagram extends to its focused efforts in handling self-harm and suicide content.

The company recognises the importance of addressing these sensitive topics while also providing support to those in need. To make it harder to find self-harm and suicide content on Instagram, Meta has implemented a policy that allows individuals to share their struggles, but the content is not recommended.

Results related to suicide, self-harm, and eating disorders will be hidden in search, and users will be directed to expert resources for help. These measures aim to protect vulnerable users and promote a safer online environment.

The update will be rolled out to everyone in the coming weeks, further demonstrating Meta’s dedication to ensuring the well-being of teenagers on their platforms.

Notifications for Privacy Settings –> Notifications for Privacy Preferences

To assist teenagers in maintaining control over their online presence and ensure their privacy preferences are up to date, Meta will be sending notifications regarding privacy settings. These notifications aim to remind teenagers to review their privacy preferences regularly.

By doing so, they can have a better understanding of who can view their content and make informed decisions about their online privacy. Privacy settings play a crucial role in protecting teenagers from potential harm, such as cyberbullying or unwanted attention.

Therefore, these notifications will help them stay aware and proactive in maintaining a secure online environment. Meta’s commitment to ensuring a safer experience for younger users is evident in their efforts to improve content moderation and protection measures.

Timeline for Implementation -> Schedule for Execution

The implementation timeline for the new measures on Facebook and Instagram will ensure a gradual roll-out over the coming months, demonstrating Meta’s commitment to enhancing user safety and protection for younger users.

The company understands the importance of taking sufficient time to implement these changes effectively. This approach allows for careful monitoring, testing, and refinement of the measures to ensure their effectiveness in creating a safer online environment for teenagers.

Meta recognises that protecting younger users from potential harm requires a comprehensive and well-executed strategy. By implementing the new measures gradually, Meta aims to address any potential issues that may arise during the roll-out process and make necessary adjustments to further enhance user safety.

This commitment to ongoing improvement and refinement reflects Meta’s dedication to creating a positive and secure online experience for all users, especially teenagers.


In conclusion, Meta’s recent measures to enhance the safety and well-being of teenagers on Facebook and Instagram are a step in the right direction.

By implementing more restrictive content control settings, focusing on hiding self-harm and suicide-related content, and sending notifications for privacy settings, Meta aims to create a safer environment for younger users.

These gradual changes reflect Meta’s dedication to continually improving content moderation and protection measures for teenagers on its platforms.

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