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Closing The Gap: Women In Leadership Positions In Ireland


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Gender inequality in leadership positions has been a persistent issue in Ireland for many years. Despite recent efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, women continue to be significantly underrepresented in leadership roles across various industries. According to the Gender Leadership Gap in Ireland report, women hold only 31% of leadership positions in the country, with just 25% of C-suite roles being held by women.

However, there are certain sectors where progress has been made towards achieving gender parity. The healthcare industry, in particular, stands out as a shining example, with women holding 50% of senior leadership positions.

This shows that it is possible to close the gender gap in leadership, and it is important for organizations in other industries to take note and implement measures to promote gender equality in their own workplaces. By doing so, they can create a more inclusive and diverse environment that benefits everyone involved.

Underrepresentation in Management

The underrepresentation of Irish female professionals across all levels of management, with only 25% of C Suite roles held by women and women holding only 31% of leadership positions in Ireland, highlights the persistent gender leadership gap in the country except for the Hospitals and Healthcare sector.

This gap is prevalent across all sectors and remains a significant issue requiring further attention and action from organizations.

The lack of women in leadership positions can have negative consequences for both women and organizations.

Women miss out on opportunities for career development and advancement, while organizations may miss out on the diverse perspectives and skills that women can bring to the table.

Promoting gender equality and implementing initiatives that support women at all stages of their careers can create a more inclusive and diverse workplace, benefiting both women and organizations alike.

Gender Parity in Hospitals

Achieving gender parity in the healthcare sector is a notable exception to the prevalent gender leadership gap across sectors in Ireland. Women hold 50% of senior leadership roles in hospitals and healthcare, and their representation at entry level is 70%. This demonstrates that it is possible to achieve gender equality in leadership positions, provided that organizations are committed to promoting it.

The table below summarizes the gender representation in senior leadership positions in the healthcare sector compared to other sectors in Ireland. It highlights the stark difference in gender parity between the healthcare sector and other sectors, indicating that the healthcare industry has taken significant steps towards achieving gender equality in leadership positions. This serves as a positive example for other sectors to follow and demonstrates that with the right initiatives and support, gender parity can be achieved.

Sector% of Senior Leadership Roles Held by Women
Hospitals and Healthcare50%

LinkedIn Data on Corporate Representation

According to the LinkedIn data, there is a significant difference in the representation of women in senior corporate roles across various sectors in Ireland. While women hold 46% of entry-level roles and 42% of manager roles, they hold only 31% of senior roles. This gender leadership gap is prevalent in all sectors except for Hospitals and Healthcare, where gender parity has been achieved.

The data highlights the need for organizations to take progressive actions to promote gender equality and support women at all stages of their careers. To address this issue, organizations can implement initiatives such as advocating for female talent, building teams reflective of Irish society, and embedding flexible working. It is crucial to create a workplace that is inclusive and diverse to ensure that women have equal opportunities for career advancement.

By closing the gender leadership gap, companies can benefit from diverse perspectives, increased innovation, and improved productivity. In conclusion, the LinkedIn data underscores the importance of creating a supportive and equitable work environment for women to achieve gender parity in corporate leadership roles in Ireland.

Actions for Organizations

Organizations can take proactive measures to promote gender equality and support career advancement for all employees. One effective way to close the gender leadership gap is to embed flexible working policies that allow employees to balance work and personal responsibilities. This can include offering flexible start and finish times, remote working options, and job-sharing opportunities. Providing these options can benefit both male and female employees, but it can be particularly beneficial for women who are more likely to have caregiving responsibilities.

Another way to support gender equality is to advocate for female talent, particularly at senior levels. This can involve actively seeking out female candidates for leadership positions, providing them with the necessary training and support, and ensuring that they are given equal opportunities to progress in their careers.

Building a team that is reflective of Irish society can also be an effective way to promote diversity and ensure that all voices are heard. Organizations that take these actions can create a more inclusive and diverse workplace and contribute to closing the gender leadership gap in Ireland.

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