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Man’s Terrifying Fall Reveals Shocking Workplace Negligence


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In a shocking incident at Blanchardstown Corporate Park in Dublin 15, a man’s terrifying fall at his workplace has exposed serious allegations of workplace negligence.

Formerly under the ownership of E W Technologies, the company now faces legal proceedings after pleading guilty to failing to provide adequate fall prevention measures.

The consequences for the company could include a hefty fine or even imprisonment.

This article will delve into the details of the incident, the company’s response, and the implications of this alarming case of workplace negligence.

The Workplace Incident: a Terrifying Fall From Heights

When Mr. Tanfin was working in his workplace, he experienced a terrifying fall from heights. The incident took place at Blanchardstown Corporate Park in Dublin 15, involving the company E W Technologies. Mr. Tanfin suffered a fractured skull and cognitive difficulties as a result of the fall.

The company has pleaded guilty to failing to provide adequate fall prevention measures and now faces potential consequences such as a fine of up to 3 million or a prison term of up to two years.

The incident occurred after Mr. Tanfin crashed a forklift into the warehouse roller shutter door, which was then damaged. Attempts to fix the door failed, leading to the use of a wooden pallet as an improvised platform. Unfortunately, the left side of the roller door collapsed, causing Mr. Tanfin’s fall.

Company Negligence: Failing to Provide Adequate Fall Prevention Measures

The company’s negligence is evident in its failure to provide adequate fall prevention measures. The incident, which occurred in Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Dublin 15, involved E W Technologies and resulted in a man suffering severe injuries after falling from a height. The investigation revealed that the incident was caused by the company’s failure to address a damaged roller shutter door, resulting in an improvised platform and ultimately the man’s fall.

The company pleaded guilty to breaching health and safety regulations by failing to provide sufficient measures to prevent falls. As a consequence, E W Technologies could face a fine of up to 3 million or a prison term of up to two years. The company has been sold to a larger US firm following the incident.

Sequence of Events: How a Simple Fix Led to a Catastrophic Fall

During the sequence of events leading up to the incident, a simple fix to a damaged roller shutter door resulted in a catastrophic fall.

It all began when Mr. Tanfin accidentally crashed a forklift into the warehouse roller shutter door, causing significant damage. Despite attempts to fix the door, the repairs proved unsuccessful.

In an improvised effort, a wooden pallet was used as a platform for Mr. Tanfin to access the damaged panels. He proceeded to loosen the bolts in an attempt to remove the panels, but tragically, the left side of the roller door collapsed, leading to his fall from a height.

This sequence of events highlights the importance of proper maintenance and repair procedures, as well as the potential dangers of improvised solutions in the workplace.

Devastating Injuries: The Consequences of Workplace Negligence

Three devastating injuries resulted from the workplace negligence highlighted in the article on the man’s terrifying fall. Mr. Tanfin suffered substantial skull fractures and inter-cranial bleeds, as well as multiple rib fractures. These injuries required him to spend eight days in the hospital.

The consequences of his injuries extend beyond the physical trauma, as he now experiences memory and understanding difficulties, and struggles to stand for long periods of time. These debilitating effects have undoubtedly impacted Mr. Tanfin’s quality of life and ability to work.

The severity of these injuries serves as a stark reminder of the serious consequences that can arise from workplace negligence. It highlights the importance of ensuring safety measures are in place to protect employees and prevent such devastating incidents from occurring.

Investigation Findings: Uncovering Shocking Safety Breaches

Through a thorough investigation, shocking safety breaches were uncovered in relation to the incident involving the man’s terrifying fall.

The investigation revealed that E W Technologies, the company involved in the incident, had failed to provide adequate fall prevention measures.

It was discovered that the incident occurred due to a series of events that unfolded as a result of a forklift crash into the warehouse roller shutter door. The door was damaged, and attempts to fix it using a wooden pallet as an improvised platform were made. However, these attempts only worsened the situation, leading to the left side of the roller door collapsing and causing the man’s fall.

The investigation findings highlight the serious risk created by the company’s negligence in ensuring proper safety measures were in place.


In conclusion, the shocking incident of a man’s terrifying fall in his workplace highlights the grave consequences of workplace negligence. The company’s failure to provide adequate fall prevention measures resulted in devastating injuries and revealed a series of alarming safety breaches.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of prioritizing employee safety and implementing proper precautions. Workplace negligence can have catastrophic consequences, leaving victims with lasting physical and cognitive difficulties.

Vigilance and adherence to health and safety regulations are imperative to prevent such tragic incidents.

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