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Bank Of Ireland’s Digital Revolution: 100 Tech Jobs Up For Grabs!


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Bank of Ireland’s digital transformation is set to take a significant leap forward with the announcement of 100 new technology positions. The bank’s move towards digital has been ongoing since 2010, and it has invested heavily in increasing its online banking products.

With over 90% of its banking products now available online, this latest investment in technology positions demonstrates the bank’s commitment to enhancing its digital offerings further. The new roles include cloud platform engineering, data infrastructure engineering, cyber security, and project management.

Bank of Ireland aims to create a varied technology team that will make life easier for its clients. Additionally, the bank’s flexible working policy allows applicants to work from home as well as remote working hubs across the country, making these roles accessible to a wide range of applicants.

This article will explore the impact of Bank of Ireland’s digital revolution, the roles and responsibilities of the new technology positions, the bank’s flexible working policy, investment in digital products, and future plans.

Job Openings

Bank of Ireland is offering 100 new technology positions in various areas such as cloud platform engineering, data infrastructure engineering, cyber security, and project management.

These new job openings aim to enhance the bank’s digital services for customers while providing the opportunity for newly-hired personnel to manage existing projects involving the creation of new features, protection against cyber threats, and data analytics.

The bank’s decision to expand its digital team indicates its commitment to providing innovative banking solutions for its clients.

The newly-hired personnel will be instrumental in achieving this goal by bringing in fresh perspectives and expertise in the latest technologies.

Bank of Ireland’s investment in its digital offerings is a testament to its focus on delivering efficient and convenient banking services that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Roles and Responsibilities

The newly-created technology positions at Bank of Ireland require specialized skills such as cloud platform engineering, data infrastructure engineering, cyber security, and project management, which are crucial for improving the bank’s digital offerings for customers.

These roles come with various responsibilities, including managing existing projects and creating new features for digital platforms, protecting against cyber threats, and conducting data analytics.

Cloud platform engineers, for instance, are responsible for designing and implementing cloud-based solutions that can improve the bank’s overall efficiency and scalability.

Similarly, data infrastructure engineers are tasked with developing, maintaining, and optimizing the bank’s data infrastructure, which involves collecting, storing, and retrieving data from various sources.

Cybersecurity specialists are also an essential part of the team, as they are responsible for identifying potential security threats and designing measures to prevent data breaches. They conduct regular security assessments, monitor network traffic, and implement security protocols to safeguard the bank’s systems and data.

Project managers are responsible for overseeing the entire project lifecycle, from planning and budgeting to execution and delivery. They collaborate closely with other teams to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders.

Overall, these new roles will play a critical role in Bank of Ireland’s digital transformation and enable it to offer enhanced digital services to its customers.

Flexible Working Policy

One notable aspect of the new technology positions at Bank of Ireland is the unique flexible working policy that allows applicants to work from home and various remote working hubs across the country. This policy provides employees with the opportunity to maintain a better work-life balance, eliminate long commutes, and work in a comfortable environment of their choice. The bank’s remote working hubs are equipped with all the necessary facilities to enable employees to work efficiently, including high-speed internet, video conferencing facilities, and collaborative workspaces.

The flexible working policy not only benefits the employees but also helps the bank to attract and retain top talent. It provides the bank with a competitive edge over other companies that may not offer flexible working arrangements. Additionally, it enables Bank of Ireland to tap into a wider pool of talent, as it can now hire individuals from other parts of the country who may not have been able to work for the bank if it was not for the remote working hubs.

Overall, Bank of Ireland’s flexible working policy is a forward-thinking approach that acknowledges the changing work landscape and provides employees with a sense of empowerment and autonomy.

Investment in Digital Products

With over 90% of its banking products digitised, Bank of Ireland’s investment in digital products reflects a commitment to providing customers with a seamless and efficient banking experience. The bank has been utilising tech experts since 2010 and has put a significant amount of resources into making its banking products digitised.

In 2021, Bank of Ireland reported a total of 366 million contactless transactions completed by customers, which was a 41% increase from the previous year. This investment in digital products has not only made banking more convenient for customers, but it also reflects the bank’s understanding of the increasing importance of technology in the banking industry.

The bank’s investment in digital products has also allowed for the creation of new job opportunities for technology professionals. This investment has enabled Bank of Ireland to create 100 new technology positions, including cloud platform engineering, data infrastructure engineering, cyber security, and project management roles.

These new job openings provide an opportunity for individuals to work with a leading financial institution, while also contributing to the bank’s digital expansion. The bank’s investment in digital products not only benefits customers but also provides career opportunities for professionals in the technology industry.

Impact and Future Plans

As Bank of Ireland expands its digital offerings through the creation of new technology positions, the impact of this investment on the banking industry and the future plans for continued growth are worth considering.

With over 90% of the bank’s products now available online, it is clear that Bank of Ireland is committed to digitising its banking services. The creation of 100 new technology positions, including roles in cyber security, cloud platform engineering, and data infrastructure engineering, reflects the bank’s continued investment in digital products and services.

This investment not only benefits Bank of Ireland, but also has the potential to impact the wider banking industry. By prioritising digital transformation, Bank of Ireland is setting a standard for other banks to follow. The creation of new technology positions can also lead to a more diverse technology team, which can ultimately result in better products and services for customers.

Looking to the future, Bank of Ireland’s continued investment in digital products and services, as evidenced by the creation of these new roles, bodes well for the bank’s growth and success in the years to come.

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