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Irish Rugby Fans Fuel French Spending Frenzy


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In a whirlwind of green, Irish rugby fans descended upon Bordeaux, Nantes, and Paris in September, leaving a lasting impact on consumer spending in France.

As the rugby fever swept through the country, Irish consumer spending surged by an impressive 9%.

However, the elation did not extend to Ireland itself, as victories at the Rugby World Cup failed to ignite an increase in social spending.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating dynamics of this spending frenzy and its implications for both nations.

Impact of Irish Rugby Fans on French Consumer Spending

The presence of Irish rugby fans in France during the Rugby World Cup resulted in a significant increase in consumer spending. Irish rugby fans attended matches in Bordeaux, Nantes, and Paris in September, leading to a 9% increase in Irish consumer spending in France.

However, it is important to note that while Irish victories at the Rugby World Cup did not lead to increased social spending in Ireland, card outlay in France rose as the competition progressed. This suggests that fans may have been waiting for the knockout stages to begin before engaging in more social spending.

If Ireland reaches the final in Paris in October, spending could rise dramatically. Overall, the impact of Irish rugby fans on consumer spending in France has been substantial, with various sectors experiencing both increases and decreases in spending.

Lack of Social Spending Boost in Ireland Despite Rugby Victories

Despite the victories of the Irish rugby team at the Rugby World Cup, there has been no significant boost in social spending in Ireland.

While Irish rugby fans fueled a spending frenzy in France, with consumer spending increasing by 9%, the same cannot be said for spending at home.

Despite the anticipation and excitement surrounding the team’s success, social spending in Ireland actually decreased by 14%. This decline was also evident in other sectors, such as retail, where spending decreased by 7%.

Furthermore, different age groups also tightened their belts, with teenagers experiencing a 20% decrease in spending and 18 to 25-year-olds seeing a 6% decline.

It seems that despite the rugby victories, Irish consumers are exercising caution and refraining from increasing their social spending at home.

Decline in Spending Across Various Sectors During Rugby World Cup

Spending in various sectors experienced a decline during the Rugby World Cup. According to reports, there was a significant drop in social spending, with a decrease of 14%. Several regions in Ireland, including Donegal, Kildare, Laois, Louth, Mayo, and Meath, experienced a 9% decrease in spending. Irish consumers abroad also reduced their spending, with Greece witnessing a 23% decrease in spending by Irish consumers.

The retail sector also saw a decrease in spending by 7%. Different age groups were impacted as well, with teenagers experiencing a 20% decrease in spending, while the 36 to 45 age group saw a 9% drop in spending. Travel-related spending also declined, with car rental outlay falling by 30%, accommodation spend dropping by 21%, and bus travel decreasing by 14%.

Decline in Spending Among Different Age Groups During Rugby World Cup

Among the different age groups during the Rugby World Cup, there was a decline in spending. Teenagers experienced the largest decrease in spending, with a 20% decline. The 18 to 25-year-old age group also tightened their belts, with a 6% drop in spending.

The 36 to 45 age group saw a 9% decrease in spending, while outlay among 36 to 45-year-olds fell by 10%. This decline in spending can be attributed to factors such as the return to colleges and training courses, which impacted spending among young adults.

It is important to note that the decline in spending was not limited to any specific age group, as all age groups experienced a decrease in spending during the Rugby World Cup.

Decline in Travel-Related Spending During Rugby World Cup

Travel-related spending during the Rugby World Cup experienced a decline as car rental outlay fell by 30% and accommodation spend dropped by 21%.

This decline can be attributed to several factors.

Firstly, with the tournament taking place in France, many Irish rugby fans opted to rent cars to travel between cities and attend matches. However, the decrease in car rental outlay suggests that fewer fans chose this option, possibly due to the availability of alternative modes of transportation or a desire to cut costs.

Additionally, the drop in accommodation spend indicates that fans may have opted for more budget-friendly options or even chosen to stay with friends or family.


In conclusion, the presence of Irish rugby fans in France during the Rugby World Cup had a significant impact on consumer spending in the country.

While Irish consumer spending in France increased by 9%, there was a lack of social spending boost in Ireland itself. There was also a decline in spending across various sectors and among different age groups.

Additionally, travel-related spending saw a decline. These findings highlight the complex relationship between sporting events and consumer behavior.

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