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Irish House Prices Defy European Slump, Soar


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The resilience of the Irish housing market amidst a decline in European house prices has been a topic of interest and speculation. Whilst the eurozone experienced a drop in prices, Irish house prices defied this trend, showcasing a steady rise. This upward trajectory, particularly outside of Dublin, has been fuelled by factors such as population expansion and the potential for interest rate cuts.

The latest quarterly report reveals a rise in Irish house prices, with nationwide asking-price inflation reaching 4.1%. With a favourable economic backdrop and predictions of continued growth, the Irish housing market stands in stark contrast to the broader European landscape.

The question now is, what factors are driving this growth, and what can be expected in the future?

Increasing House Prices in Ireland

The upsurge in Irish house prices has had a significant impact on the country’s property market. In the third quarter of last year, house prices in Ireland increased by 1.4% compared to the previous year, and by 1.5% compared to the second quarter. This upward trend follows a slight decrease earlier in the year, indicating a reversal of the previous pattern.

Analysts predict that prices will continue to rise, especially outside of Dublin, due to factors such as population growth and the potential for interest rate reductions. In contrast, other European countries witnessed a decline in house prices, with Luxembourg experiencing a drop of 13.6% and Germany seeing a decline of over 10% in the same period.

Despite the economic uncertainties, the Irish property market remains robust, with expectations of further growth in the upcoming year.

European House Price Trends

Following the increase in Irish house prices, it is important to examine the current trends in house prices across Europe.

According to Eurostat, house prices in the 20-member eurozone fell by 2.1% in the three months to September last year. Similarly, prices were down by 1% in the 27-member EU on a year-on-year basis.

Luxembourg, which had been experiencing the fastest growth, saw house prices decline by 13.6% in the third quarter. Germany also witnessed a decrease, with house prices down by over 10% compared to the previous year. Denmark and Sweden, previously rapidly growing markets, also experienced price decreases.

These trends indicate a slowdown in the European housing market, in contrast to the increasing prices seen in Ireland.

Irish House Price Growth Outside Dublin

Irish house prices outside Dublin have shown positive growth in recent months. According to the latest quarterly report, asking-price inflation was 3.9% outside of Dublin, slightly lower than the 4% in the capital city. This growth indicates that the upward trend in Irish house prices is not limited to Dublin but extends to other regions as well.

The median asking price nationally was €325,000 in the final quarter of last year. Bank of Ireland economist Conall MacCoille predicts that Irish house prices will continue to rise this year, driven by demographic trends and a strong economic backdrop.

Additionally, the expectation of falling interest rates, along with the potential for further price increases, particularly outside of Dublin, is contributing to the positive outlook for the Irish housing market.

Factors Fuelling Irish House Price Growth

Several factors are contributing to the growth in Irish house prices. Demographic trends and a strong economic backdrop are fuelling the upward climb. With a growing population, the demand for housing is increasing, putting upward pressure on prices.

Additionally, the prospect of falling interest rates is also playing a role in driving house price growth. As the European Central Bank is expected to start cutting interest rates, this could potentially add momentum to property prices in Ireland.

Furthermore, predictions by estate agents suggest that house prices will continue to rise, particularly outside of Dublin. The recent spike in Irish inflation, along with prices in the rest of the eurozone, further supports the expectation of continued price growth.

Outlook and Predictions

The future of the Irish housing market looks promising as analysts anticipate continued growth and stability in house prices. Despite a downturn in house prices across Europe, Ireland has been experiencing a surge in its property market.

In the third quarter of last year, house prices in Ireland rose by 1.4% compared to the previous year and 1.5% compared to the second quarter. This positive trend is expected to continue, particularly outside of Dublin.

Factors such as population growth and the possibility of interest rate cuts are driving these predictions. The Irish housing market is defying the downward trend seen in other European countries, and experts believe that prices will continue to rise, providing stability and growth for the foreseeable future.


In summary, the Irish housing market has shown resilience and defied the wider decrease in European house prices. Factors such as population growth and potential interest rate reductions have contributed to the expansion, especially outside of Dublin.

With a positive economic background and the expectation of decreasing interest rates, forecasts indicate that the Irish housing market will continue to see growth, in contrast to the overall European situation.

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