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Hogs Head Private Golf Resort: Record-Breaking Revenues


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Nestled among the picturesque landscapes of Waterville, Co Kerry, Hogs Head Private Golf Resort has emerged as a triumphant force in the international golf market. With revenues soaring to unprecedented heights and operating profits surpassing expectations, this esteemed destination has solidified its position as a leader in the industry.

Owned and operated by global professional services firm Alvarez & Marsal, the resort’s unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous investment in facilities have paved the way for its record-breaking success.

Financial Performance: Impressive Revenue Growth

The financial performance of Hogs Head private golf resort has demonstrated impressive revenue growth, with revenues nearly tripling from €4.68m to €12.36m in the last year.

This significant increase in revenue can be attributed to various factors, including an increase in customer demand, effective marketing strategies, and the resort’s reputation as a premium destination in the international golf market.

The resort’s operating profits also saw a notable improvement, reaching €3.14m for the year.

This positive trend is further emphasized by the pre-tax profits of €524,820 in 2022, compared to pre-tax losses of €2.2m in the previous year.

These figures indicate a strong financial performance for Hogs Head, highlighting its ability to generate substantial revenue growth and achieve profitability.

Employment and Staff Costs: Increased Workforce and Expenses

With the increase in workforce from 66 in 2021 to 96 in the last year, staff costs at Hogs Head private golf resort rose from €2.2m to €4.76m. This significant increase in staff costs can be attributed to the expansion of the resort and the hiring of additional employees to meet the growing demands of the business.

The rising staff costs not only include salaries, but also other expenses such as benefits, training, and recruitment. It is worth noting that the directors’ pay also saw an increase from €208,833 to €256,750, with pension contributions of €6,750.

These figures indicate the resort’s commitment to investing in its workforce and ensuring that employees are fairly compensated for their contributions to the success of Hogs Head private golf resort.

Shareholder Funds and Cash Flow: Strong Balance Sheet and Capital Structure

Demonstrating a strong balance sheet and capital structure, Hogs Head private golf resort exhibits robust shareholder funds and cash flow.

The consolidated balance sheet reveals shareholder funds of €55.7m, with accumulated losses of €22.75m offset by called up share capital of €78.46m. This indicates a healthy financial position and the ability to meet obligations.

Although the company’s cash funds decreased slightly from €2.37m to €2.14m, it still maintains a solid cash flow. Moreover, the profit for the year includes non-cash depreciation costs of €2.6m, indicating the resort’s ability to generate cash from its operations.

Tangible Assets: Valuable Investments in Facilities

Hogs Head private golf resort has made valuable investments in its facilities, resulting in tangible assets that contribute to its record-breaking revenues. The golf resort’s tangible assets include buildings valued at €38.62m, the golf course valued at €5.57m, the land valued at €2.2m, and fixtures and fittings with a value of €5.5m.

These assets have been continuously invested in to maintain and enhance the golf resort’s high status in the international golf market. The resort’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities has attracted more visitors and increased revenues.

With a total book value of €52.6m, the tangible assets of Hogs Head private golf resort not only provide a solid foundation for the business but also contribute to its financial success.

Ownership and Investment: Alvarez & Marsal’s Successful Acquisition

Alvarez & Marsal, a global professional services firm, successfully acquired Hogs Head private golf resort in 2015. The acquisition was made possible through a strategic purchase of the golf course located in Waterville, Co Kerry. Alvarez & Marsal recognized the potential of the golf resort and its premium position in the international golf market, leveraging their extensive experience and expertise in various industries. The acquisition allowed them to take ownership of the valuable tangible assets of the golf course, including buildings, the golf course itself, land, and fixtures and fittings.

This investment has proven to be highly lucrative for Alvarez & Marsal. Hogs Head private golf resort has achieved record-breaking revenues, with operating profits of €3.14m and revenues nearly tripling from €4.68m to €12.36m.


In conclusion, Hogs Head Private Golf Resort’s record-breaking revenues stand as a testament to its unwavering dedication to excellence in the golfing industry.

With remarkable financial performance, increased employment, and valuable investments in facilities, the resort has positioned itself as a leader in the international golf market.

This success is a shining beacon of achievement, inspiring awe and admiration for Hogs Head’s commitment to providing a premium and unforgettable experience for its clientele.

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