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Grocery Price Inflation Declines Continuously: Analysis


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Amidst the ever-evolving grocery landscape, the consistent decline in price inflation over ten consecutive months, particularly highlighted in the recent February data, raises intriguing questions about the underlying market dynamics.

With a significant drop to 4.7% from the previous month’s 5.9%, coupled with a surge in takehome grocery sales despite reduced volumes per trip, various factors seem to be at play.

The performance of own label goods, the strategic promotional initiatives, and the evident impacts on Irish retailers all point towards a multifaceted analysis awaiting exploration.

Grocery Price Inflation Trends

Despite a continuous decline in grocery price inflation for the tenth consecutive month, the 12-week period leading to February 18 witnessed a notable decrease from 5.9% in January to 4.7%.

During this period, take-home grocery sales showed a positive trend with a 5.4% increase in the four weeks leading to February 18.

However, volumes per trip decreased by 3.1%, indicating potential shifts in consumer behavior or preferences.

Despite this decrease, the grocery sector saw a 3% annual increase in trips, which contributed to overall sector growth.

This data highlights the dynamic nature of consumer spending habits and the importance of monitoring both price inflation and sales trends for a comprehensive understanding of the grocery market landscape.

Own Label Goods Performance

The performance of own label goods in the grocery market demonstrates a significant market share and notable growth in sales. Holding a 46% market share, sales of own label ranges have seen a 7.5% year-on-year increase, equating to an additional €112m spent annually. Premium own-label ranges have particularly thrived, experiencing a 12.5% surge in spending.

In comparison, brand goods sales only rose by 4.7% over the 12 weeks. This shift towards own label goods indicates a growing preference among consumers for these products, potentially driven by factors such as perceived quality, value for money, and retailer loyalty.

The strong performance of own label goods underscores their importance in the grocery market landscape.

Promotional Activities

Following the robust performance of own label goods in the grocery market landscape, a notable aspect to highlight is the impact of promotional activities on consumer behavior and spending patterns. Post-Christmas, promotional levels increased to attract more shoppers, with over 27% of spend in the 12 weeks to February 18 being on items with promotions.

Noteworthy trends include 58% of Irish households purchasing boxed and gifting chocolates during this period. Additionally, shoppers showed increased spending on chilled ready meals, desserts, and sparkling wine for Valentine’s Day, as well as on flour, eggs, and chocolate spread for Pancake Tuesday. These promotional activities have successfully influenced consumer spending habits and contributed to boosting sales in the grocery sector.

Irish Retailer Performance

Exemplifying resilience and growth in the competitive grocery sector, Irish retailers have displayed noteworthy market performance trends. Leading the pack, Dunnes holds a 24.3% market share, showing an impressive 8.9% growth year-on-year.

Not far behind is Tesco, with a 23.5% market share, marking an 8.8% increase compared to the previous year. SuperValu follows closely, holding a 20.6% market share with a growth of 4.2%.

Lidl secures a 12.8% market share, boasting a 7.2% growth rate. Aldi, with a 10.9% market share, also experienced growth, attributed to increased trips. These figures demonstrate the competitive landscape of the Irish retail sector and point towards a positive trajectory for these key players.


In conclusion, the grocery sector has experienced a consistent decline in price inflation over the past ten months, with February showing a significant decrease.

Own label goods have seen strong sales growth, particularly in premium ranges.

Promotional activities post-Christmas have aimed to attract more shoppers, contributing to sector growth.

The performance of key Irish retailers reflects the dynamic market conditions within the grocery industry, highlighting evolving consumer spending trends.

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